Experience Vibrational Sound Therapy at Four Seasons Resort

vibrational sound therapy

Between work and family responsibilities, it’s easy for everyday stress to pile up. With the new vibrational sound therapy treatment at Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort, you can clear your mind, body and spirit to experience full relaxation.

What is Vibrational Sound Therapy?
This treatment has been used for centuries to provide a natural way of cleansing negative energy and emotions. Therapists use custom Himalayan singing bowls to create sounds and vibrations that help patients reach a restorative, peaceful state. The energies within the body and mind are transformed as the vibrations alleviate stressful thoughts.

“People often joke about ‘good vibes,'” says Derek Hofmann, senior director of spa for Four Seasons Resort Orlando. “However, when one experiences this treatment, the meaning of ‘good vibes’ is fully realized, as the advantages of vibrational sound therapy are plentiful and impact us on a cellular level. In today’s day and age, where technology and toxins abound, the healing benefits from this treatment are extremely beneficial.”

What is the Treatment Like?
Each element used in vibrational sound therapy was made by craftsmen in a region of Nepal. Using bell metal, the craftsmen hammer different designs into the bowls by hand to assist in carrying the sound vibrations through them. The mallets used to create the vibrations feature teak wood and leather.

Every 50-minute or 80-minute treatment begins and ends with the sounding of small tingsha bells made of bell metal cymbals because they produce a high-pitched tone with a soothing, rich sound that awakens the spirit. A therapist then places the bowls on tiny cushions and gently sets them on and around the body before softly striking the bowls with a variety of mallets and sticks to produce peaceful, clear, harmonic sounds. Due to the varying designs, each bowl has its own unique sound character, which creates emotional sensations and feelings for the participant.

Try it For Yourself
Four Seasons Resort Orlando is offering a Florida resident rate through June 18 and again from Aug. 12 through Sept. 30. Based on availability, the weekday rates start at $349 and weekend rates start at $399 per night for a guestroom, valet parking for one vehicle and basic WiFi.

While you’re there, schedule an appointment for the new vibrational sound therapy treatment to truly experience a relaxing, stress-free staycation. If you book a spa treatment (50 minutes or greater) in the same window as the Florida resident rate, you will receive a complimentary enhancement that includes a scalp massage, muscle relief or exfoliate treatment.

Key Benefits of Sound Therapy

1. Increase in energy, creativity and motivation
2. Removal of toxins
3. Stimulation of circulation
4. Overall stress reduction
5. Deep relaxation


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