Valentines DIY: A Savory, Bling Ring

Who doesn’t need more BLING in their lives? I know, I do! Here’s a fun craft to do with children this Valentine’s Day season. Send us pictures of your new bling! Tag us on social media @yourlifestylemagazine,

Heres what you will need:
Pipe Cleaner (a variety of colors can be fun, but it is up to you to decide. This will be the band for your bling!)

Hershey Kisses

Bling Stickers

Step by Step:
Take your Hershey kiss and place your bling sticker on the flat bottom part of the chocolate.

Next, you will need your pipecleaner. Use the pipecleaner to wrap your Kiss by twisting the pipcleaner. Once you have secured the chocolate, form a ring at the base. Fit to size.

Now your ready to show off your new bling!!! Enjoy this fun and easy DIY!

Written by Catie Moore

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