Tis the Season: LNRCC Gives Back to the Community


The holiday season presents opportunities to give and receive gifts, expressions of friendship and love, along with enjoying the celebrations and gatherings attuned with one’s religious and societal beliefs. No matter the form of these, almost all people hope for a happy and safe season. Many residents of this community realize joy and satisfaction from the spirit of giving to help others. The Lake Nona region is fortunate to enjoy the prosperity and numerous opportunities to support others.

The Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce (LNRCC) actively supports the local nonprofit community by offering discounts for nonprofit memberships. It also offers them support through its Nonprofit Committee that is specifically focused on responding to the needs of its nonprofit members. LNRCC then shares those needs in newsletters, emails, and other marketing tools. There are 26 nonprofit organizations served by LNRCC during this holiday season. All of them support the needs of the community and citizens can make choices they want to support by reviewing the list attached to the QR Code on this page. Needs range from monetary, home and business supplies, toys to volunteering. The QR Code leads to the LNRCC Nonprofit web page.

LNRCC also suggests another way to give during the holiday season is to support local businesses, both large and small. Shop, eat, seek home services, or recreate locally. One advantage of the Lake Nona region is the variety of offerings and the ever-growing collection available. LNRCC supports all sizes of businesses because small businesses are the backbone of the country while large businesses, though possibly owned externally to the Lake Nona region, support abundant jobs and business-to-business opportunities. The combination of both small and large businesses contributes to the vibrancy and success of the community.

To help inspire the giving spirit here is a memorable quote from motivational speaker Brian Tracy, “Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting”. LNRCC supports “A Season of Giving” and wishes all the happiest of holidays.
LNRCC is a membership not-for-profit organization with offices in Lake Nona at 6555 Sanger Rd, Orlando, FL 32827. It is not affiliated with, or sponsored by, Lake Nona Property Holdings, LLC, or its affiliated entities. Comments or requests for information are encouraged at Administration@LakeNonaCC.org.


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Written by Don Long

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