Tips For Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to celebrate the joys of the season with family and friends. Stay on track this year by following a few simple holiday health tips, so you can make the most out of every moment.

Wash your hands often.

It’s simple and effective. Thorough handwashing with soap and running water for 20 full seconds is one of your best defenses against getting sick or making someone else sick.

Keep stress in check.

If you find yourself on edge or getting overwhelmed, take a quick break. Social interaction, restful sleep and regular exercise can also help.

Get your annual physical and screenings.

Make sure you’re up to date on regular exams and health screenings so you don’t get taken by surprise over the holidays.

Get your flu shot.

Some experts think flu season will be especially harsh this year, so protect yourself and your family by getting your flu vaccine. They’re recommended for everyone six months old and up.

Practice safe food prep.

It’s very important to sanitize hands and surfaces frequently, be sure to cook foods to the right temperature and refrigerate leftovers promptly.

Eat healthy.

Prepare nutritious foods as part of your holiday menu, and make healthy choices like green beans over green bean casserole. Plan to stop eating when you’re full, and focus on salads and veggie platters when you can.

Get moving.

Add exercise to your holiday routine this year. Regular physical activity will give you more energy and boost your spirits. Don’t forget to stretch those muscles before and after.

Make a new tradition.

Take a family walk after dinner, throw a football in the yard or choose another healthy activity to make great holiday memories.

Be cautious with holiday decorations.

Many people are injured each year putting up holiday lights and decorations. Be very careful on ladders and roofs, and always keep a close eye on the kids.

How to Feel Better When You’re Under the Weather

Nobody wants to get sick during the holidays. But, if you do, it’s important to get the right diagnosis right away.

What to Do If You Have Concerning Symptoms

It’s hard to distinguish coronavirus from other ailments such as cold, flu or seasonal allergies. Many people with COVID-19 only have mild symptoms. But, they can still infect others who might be more likely to develop serious health complications that can be life-threatening. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, you should avoid the hospital emergency room except in the event of a true emergency.

For mild symptoms, contact your primary care provider or your closest AdventHealth Centra Care. The physician will tell you how best to proceed. Make sure to tell the doctor if you are older than age 65 or have any of the following health conditions.

If the Holidays Get You Down, We’re Here to Help You Up

Back hurts from carrying the Christmas tree into the house? We can’t all be as fit as a lumberjack. Seek medical attention to soothe your aching back.

(Urgent Care, Family Doctor, Sports Med & Rehab, Virtual Visit)

Asthma triggered while retrieving decorations from the attic? When you pull those boxes down from the attic, you’re bringing down a lot of dust as well. We’ve got the relief you need, so you can breathe easy.

(Urgent Care, Family Doctor, Emergency Room)

Snake hiding in your lawn decorations? For eleven months out of the year, your whimsical, holiday yard decor can become a home to real live critters.

(Emergency Room)

Placing the tree topper led to a broken arm? You brought home the tallest tree on the lot. But, putting the angel on top was harder than it looked. We make casts of all shapes and sizes.

 (Urgent Care, Emergency Room, Sports Med & Rehab, Diagnostic Imaging)

Bumped your head while plugging in lights? Hiding extension cords is the key to great holiday décor. So, it’s not surprising that you forgot you were under the table when you stood up. We’re serious about treating bumps on the noggin.

(Family Doctor, Emergency Room, Diagnostic Imaging)

Sliced your finger instead of the turkey? That new electric knife works better than you expected. We’ll get you stitched up in time for dessert.

(Urgent Care, Emergency Room)

Burned your hand while trying not to burn the cookies? If you’re new to holiday baking, the first rule of thumb is to remember to wear your baking mitts. If you forget, turn off your oven and get the treatment you need.

(Urgent Care, Family Doctor, Emergency Room)

Too much eggnog has you feeling nauseas? All your favorite foods seem to find their way to your table during the holidays. Don’t try to eat them all in one sitting, or you’ll be taking medicine for dessert.

(Urgent Care, Family Doctor, Virtual Visit)

Throat sore from too much Christmas caroling? You’ve been waiting all year to show off your singing voice. But, trying to hit those high notes has the dog howling and your throat hurting. Seek medical help to get you back on pitch.

(Urgent Care, Family Doctor)

Old strand of lights give you a shock? If you’re using the same old holiday lights from your childhood, it might be time to invest in a new strand. A serious shock is no joking matter.

(Emergency Room)

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