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As WMFE’s President and General Manager, I am proud to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to responsible journalism that promotes a healthy and vibrant community. At a time when sensationalism often overshadows authenticity and journalistic integrity is subsumed by divisive rhetoric, WMFE remains a beacon, leading Central Florida’s discourse with factual reporting and respect for diverse perspectives.

We are steadfast in our mission: to inform, empower and engage the Central Florida community by upholding the highest journalistic standards. We take seriously our responsibility to provide Central Floridians with an independent source of knowledge that helps them make informed decisions on questions of local, national and global importance. 

WMFE’s independence is rooted in the fact that the vast majority of our funding comes from our Central Florida community through donations from generous individuals and businesses. We are accountable to our community because we are supported by our community. 

Along those lines, WMFE is committed to journalism that is firmly rooted in listening to our community. Our reporting is guided by the voices, stories and priorities of the people we serve. Furthermore, unlike many news sources, our journalism is freely accessible to all without paywalls or subscription fees. We believe trusted information is a public good, and we are committed to providing it to anyone who seeks it.

Our journalists are at the heart of this mission, and their dedication to serving our community is unmatched. They are not only reporters but active members of the Central Florida community who take pride in their role as information providers.

WMFE is a pillar of unwavering truth and integrity in an era of information overload and conflicting narratives. As local news outlets decline across the country and sometimes fall into the hands of profit-driven corporations without local ties, our mission to expand our local public service journalism becomes ever more crucial. 

As the only nonprofit news organization covering all of Central Florida, we depend on your support as we continue to lead the community conversation based on trusted information and nuanced journalism. Your contributions enable us to maintain our commitment to accuracy, authenticity and the welfare of our cherished community. 

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Judith Smelser is the President & General Manager of WMFE

Written by Judith Smelser

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