New Tipping Etiquette Post Pandemic: The Do’s and Don’ts

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way many people tip in America. Although tipping etiquette has been around for centuries, the recent health crisis has thrown a wrench into the traditional rules of what is considered polite when it comes to leaving gratuities. In recent years, an increasing number of restaurants have adopted a no-tipping policy, which means that all tips are automatically included in the bill. This model eliminates any confusion over how much you should leave and helps ensure servers receive a fair wage. However, even with no-tipping policies becoming more common in some establishments, other restaurants still rely on customers to make up the difference between their employees’ wages and cost of living expenses. Now that the pandemic is beginning to subside and restaurants are open again, it’s important to be mindful of the tipping etiquette. While there is no set amount you should leave when dining out, a general rule of thumb is 20% for good service and 15% for average service. Of course, if you feel your server went above and beyond or had to put in extra effort during your visit, you can tip more than that. It’s also important to consider other factors when deciding how much to tip. For example, if the restaurant has implemented any special safety protocols due to covid-19, keep this in mind and adjust your gratuity accordingly. Additionally, if you have a large party or spend a considerable amount of time dining, it’s only polite to leave something extra for the server. As far as spa services are concerned, it’s generally acceptable to leave a 15-20% tip for services such as massage and facial treatments — unless there is an outright no-tip policy in place. Whether you want to leave a little extra cash is up to you; however, many spa professionals rely heavily on tips for their livelihood. So, if you received great service and felt taken care of throughout the experience, don’t hesitate to show your appreciation! Finally, what about takeout or delivery orders? It’s becoming increasingly popular to tip for takeout and delivery services, especially in America. Generally, you can leave a 15-20% tip if the service was exceptional — but you don’t have to feel obligated. If a restaurant already includes an automatic gratuity on your bill, then it’s up to you whether you’d like to add more for great service. At the end of the day, tipping is meant to show appreciation for excellent service. Whether it’s at a restaurant, spa experience or even when ordering food online — use your best judgement and follow local customs when deciding how much to leave behind! With these guidelines in mind, you’re sure to make the most of your tipping experience. Overall, tipping etiquette in America after Covid-19 requires thoughtful consideration and empathy. Remember that your server is likely dealing with unique challenges due to the pandemic and may be working harder than ever before. With this in mind, feel free to show your appreciation for their hard work by leaving an extra generous tip!


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