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My Mammographer – My New BFF

I can’t help but reflect back on my experience with the amazing mammographer at AdventHealth. After explaining to her that I totally missed my 2020 mammo, she congratulated me on TAKING BACK MY HEALTH and GETTING MY MAMMO. (For the sake of her privacy, I will refer to her as my new BFF! )

As those who had had a mammo before know, it can be a bit awkward carrying on a conversation with someone while they are flattening your breasts like pancakes in a non-invasive x-ray machine. But don’t let that scare you. Mammos are easier than a 6 a.m. Bootcamp workout for sure.

My mammographer, my new BFF, couldn’t have been more amazing! She made me feel comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable situation, and she explained what she was doing every step of the way. I’ve had a mammo before, but getting those little reminders of what was happening and why are so helpful – especially if you’re a first-timer. And in those awkward pauses, as the machine did its thing, we connected about our lives and OUR NAILS.

That’s right. AS I URGE WOMEN to GET A MAMMO, I also say, GET A MANI.

For me, a hot pink mani is perfect for summer and is a reminder of my experience with the women of AdventHealth who helped me take back my health. The compassion and understanding concerning my anxiety about not having a mammo in over 18 months was put to ease when my new BFF professionally and calmly began speaking facts about the latest advances in early detection and treatment. She was able to talk to me and help me realize that I was taking the best step possible in breast cancer prevention.

Now onto my hot pink mani!

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