Michelle Markey: Creating The Life You Dream Of

Photo of Michelle Markey, who helps businesses and nonprofits expand their digital reach and supports families with tailored needs.

Michelle Markey, the owner of Unlock Your Words, helps businesses and nonprofits extend their digital reach with meaningful, memorable messaging. She intertwines unique stories into brand strategies, ensuring standout social media content. Launching her Special Needs Family Network nonprofit, Michelle supports families with tailored resources. She is a freelance travel agent, a homeschooling mom, and the current Ms. Titusville Petite, competing for Ms. Florida Petite in 2023. Michelle will also finish eCornell University’s Digital Marketing 360 Program next year. 

What motivates you to put one foot before the other on your most challenging days?

I focus on my children on difficult days, knowing they learn lifelong lessons from me. I hope they grow up to understand that making mistakes is okay if you learn from them and that you can overcome challenges.

Would you change anything about how you have handled challenges or successes thus far?

There were situations I wish I had faced head-on with more confidence. Avoiding issues made everything worse in the long run. Being assertive would have helped me!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? What did you learn from it?

My biggest challenge has always been self-belief and stepping into my power. I’ve undergone mindset work, therapy, trauma healing, and self-growth to overcome poor self-image and other issues. Seeing my progress makes it easier to move forward. Learning to believe in and advocate for myself were significant obstacles I had to overcome.

How do you prioritize your time and energy to achieve your personal and professional goals? What tips can you offer others?

Achieving goals and success depends on alignment. Staying aligned, guarding your energy, letting go of what doesn’t serve you, and remaining present all propel you forward. My biggest tip is to take charge of how and where you spend your time and resources. You only have one life, so enjoy it and work towards your purpose.

Have you drawn inspiration from other women? Tell us about someone who has inspired you.

Absolutely! I am a huge advocate for women’s empowerment! One of the most inspirational women I know is a friend and client, Peggy Sullivan. Peggy founded the nonprofit, SheCAN! to create a community of women committed to improving themselves and leveling up.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud to have created the life I used to dream about.  

How do you manage stress and maintain your mental health?

Like it or not, stress is a part of our lives. I deal with stress by balancing work with play and letting go of everything that doesn’t serve me or my family well.

What is your favorite way to practice self-care?

Long bubble baths and mid-day trips to the pool help keep me sane. I love a good mid-day break!

How do you stay motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I struggle with consistently getting to the gym, but it helps when I can multitask and listen to a course lecture or enjoy a podcast I have been looking forward to.

What is your WHY?

I desire to make an impact and inspire others to follow their dreams.  


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