Men’s Fashion is Taking its Place on the Runway

Young stylish man in a white fashionable t-shirt in vintage blue jeans in white trendy sneakers stands near a modern wall

Through the decades, maybe even centuries, women have predominately been given the right-of-way to the runway for fashion. Gliding down the runway in an ensemble that will undoubtedly become the season’s trend, she took a few turns with a gleaming smile. Then, she sternly walked away and let another model take her place.

Men are now making and taking their lane down the highway of fashion. Male models are confidently strutting up and down the fashion runway, showcasing trending and reliable brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Louie Vuitton.

Models such as Leon Dames, a native of Berlin, Jon Kortajarena, with his earnest eyes and sleek jawline, and many more men are taking to the career of putting men’s fashion to the forefront. Here’s what is trending in the men’s fashion world. 

Suits and Business Casual Attire

John Craig Clothier, located in Winter Park, has served Central Florida men’s fashions for over 27 years. Alan Chambers, Vice-President of Operations, explains how suits have become popular in men’s fashion. 

“We have had our best years for made-to-order suits. Men are still dressing up. With seven stores and another store opening soon, the fashion-minded man should be able to find the proper attire for the right occasion.”

When asked what the trend for men this season is, Erik Peterson of Tom James Company Lakeland replied, “There is more business casual, open patch pocket coats, fewer ties, and unstructured clothing.” Owning their factories and clothing mills helped set this clothing store apart. They also fashion tailored suits and other garments. 

Colors and Casual Wear

Now through September, hints of beige, orange, and brown show themselves for Spring and Summer, thus giving the fashion-conciseness-wearing guy trendy choices. V-neck collars complemented with sheer clothing styled with vibrant patterns and loose-fitting pants set the fashion for this year’s casual wear for men.  

Functional Clothing

Functional clothing, designed for aesthetics and usability, is gaining more prominence on the fashion runway. Denim on denim and trench coats are making the scene. Versace, Dior, and other labels are threading garments that are more serviceable to the average working man. Designers and their garments are pandering to the needs of functionality and comfort.

Although jorts may have faded, they never completely went away. But be that as it may, they have boldly stridden back into men’s fashions this summer. Baggier than ever and even more so, they are back this season.  


A choice for accessories has come to men’s ensembles. The crossbody bag is now considered a fashion statement within the fashion. They can significantly complement a trend-setting suit and define and design one’s flair.

Men’s fashion is no longer an afterthought but a vibrant and evolving aspect of the fashion industry. As we move forward, it’s clear that men’s fashion will continue to grow and excite, offering more choices, styles, and opportunities for men to express themselves through clothing.

So to all the fashion-forward men out there, keep strutting your stuff on the runway of life. Your time in the spotlight is here to stay.


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Written by Joyce Bliss

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