Lifestyle’s Cutest Baby Contest 2017

1st Place: Siena
Proud parents: John and Lauren Gau
Community: Winter Park
What are some of Siena’s favorite things? Watching her brother and sister dance, sitting on Dad’s shoulders and being outside.
What is Siena’s most precious moment? The first time she smiled. Her smile lights up the room.
What is your favorite story? We kept the gender a surprise until the day she was born. Nearly everyone thought she would be a boy until we were surprised with the cutest baby girl!

2nd Place: Carter
Proud parents: Krystal and Jordan Winter
Community: Hunter’s Creek
What are some of Carter’s favorite things? Carter loves to be pushed on swings, getting baths, he loves his food, he loves his dog Stella, and he loves to crawl around and try to walk.
What is your baby’s most precious moment? Having his family make him laugh and taking his first steps.
What is your favorite story? We love telling stories about all of his different facial expressions, new accomplishments and how quickly he is growing into being a little man.

3rd Place: Scarlett
Proud Parents: Dennis and Amy Burke
Community: Winter Springs
What are some of Scarlett’s favorite things? Avocados, Jennay her blanket, blowing kisses, splashing in the water, laughing, climbing, opening/closing doors, and she loves her big sister Aislinn.
What is Scarlett’s most precious moment? When we pick Scarlett up from day care, as soon as she sees us her eyes light up, she claps and runs over to us with her hands in the air laughing and babbling. She wraps her arms around our legs to give us a big hug.
What is your favorite story? One morning, when she was first learning how to stand and pull herself up, we heard her calling to us. It sounded a little louder than normal. We looked at the baby monitor and realized she was standing in her crib and had opened the bedroom door. She was calling out to us that she was awake. Needless to say, that day we lowered her crib and moved it away from her reach.


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Written by Lyndsay Fogarty

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