Lake Nona: Where Sensational Art And Innovation Flourish In Harmony

When talking to people about the Lake Nona area, they immediately think of high-tech and healthcare innovation. What is often left out of the conversation is the incredible fusion of art into this state-of-the-art community of tomorrow.

Tavistock Development, the developer of Lake Nona, intentionally created a beautiful and enticing community that draws the attention of people from all over the world. They used strategic placemaking tactics to incorporate the arts, in many forms, into the entire region.

When one thinks of art, they typically think of sculptures, paintings, and the like. There are sculpture statues all over the area – from the park-like settings in Laureate Park to the stunning sculpture garden at The Wave Hotel. The Lake Nona Sculpture Garden features a selection of sculptures from The Lewis Collection, one of the world’s largest private art collections.

It is impossible to consider art in Lake Nona without considering the breathtaking architecture. A building needs to serve as a functional space but can still inspire and evoke an emotional impact. If you are unsure what it means when someone says there is art in architecture, then drive out to the Lake Nona Town Center sometime. Although different from what people think of when picturing “fine art,” architecture is one of the classic fine arts disciplines closely related to the art world. Tavistock Development intentionally designed the environment to make buildings a large community art piece.

While there is not a major venue for performing arts in the Lake Nona region, did you know that Lake Nona High School has a theater program that is nationally ranked? If you enjoy live theater and watching young thespians work hard to hone their craft, you should make it to an upcoming show! School is back in session, and they have some incredible things planned!

All the creative examples of how art is fused into our everyday lives in Lake Nona help foster the spirit that lives in the creative and ambitious people who work here or choose to call it home. Not only is it a place where people support each other by providing access to ideas, expert advice, and connections, it is a place where your very surroundings can inspire you. 

For information about how to join the chamber or get the most out of your chamber membership, don’t hesitate to contact the Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce at or call us at 407-796-2230. We would love to hear from you!


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Written by Candy Cole

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