In or Out? Winter Hair Trends of 2022-2023

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In a place like Florida, where the changing of seasons is made evident more so by variance in decor and theming than in the actual environment, it can be hard to know when is appropriate to shift one’s aesthetic. Even more puzzling than when is how, with trends coming and going so quickly in the modern world. It can be hard to keep up with hair trends.

Local hair stylist, Roxanne Mengert, was recently swept up in the wave that is modern communication when a client of hers posted about her salon experience on TikTok. The video went viral, receiving over 2 million views.

“It was extremely random, and totally unexpected,” said Mengert of the notoriety following her work to fix a botched dye-job done by a different stylist on Alyssa Ferares, who has over 40,000 TikTok followers. “But basically, she just walked up in there and was like, ‘I’m about to have a mental breakdown.’ I looked at her and said, ‘no problem.’” 

Ferares left with a beautiful, blended blonde and made a point to recognize Mengert’s talent in her viral video.

So, as one of Orlando’s most sought-after stylists, what trends has Mengert noticed making the rounds lately?

“I feel like French bobs are so trendy right now. Also, ‘butterfly’ cuts are super big right now; so, like, lots of layers and movement and big, flowy Victoria’s Secret hair is back,” Mengert said. “As far as color, I feel like right now people are kind of toning down their blondes or warming them up and doing more of a ‘root shadow’ (a darker shade at the scalp that blends into a brighter shade on the ends) with their ‘money piece’ (the hair in the bang-area, often referred to as a ‘money piece’ when it is heavily highlighted) still really noticeable.”

With the holidays right around the corner, there will be plenty of opportunities for dressing up, and no look is complete without a polished hair style.

“Two styles that I absolutely love;” Mengert raved, “One is classic, sleek and sexy where you part down the middle, slick it back, leave it straight and down. And then, I also love something a little more fun, like a half-up look where you section the top of your hair into two braids or buns, leaving the rest down.”

Beyond the holidays lies yet another new year, bringing with it more opportunities to change it up and create a new you. What does Roxanne predict will be big after we ring in 2023?

“I feel like short hair’s going to be really taking over,” speculated Mengert. “I feel like people are really empowered lately by shorter, bolder, more noticeable hairstyles, which I love to see.”

So, whether you take the leap and get the chop, or simply style your locks in a way you’ve never tried before, it seems Winter 2022-2023 is all about being confident and adventurous. May these small choices to empower ourselves through our appearance lead to more courage throughout our lives in the new year and thereafter, and may we take comfort in knowing it always grows back.


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Written by Monika Knotts

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