Host a Super Bowl Feast Without Breaking the Bank

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Super Bowl LVII is just around the corner, and for many football fans, this means it is time to host a feast for the big game. However, with the rising cost of groceries and the current state of inflation, throwing a party can cause a strain on the wallet. But fear not! The team at The Brass Tap has got you covered with some helpful tips for hosting a Super Bowl feast without breaking the budget.


  1. Stick to a basic entrée: Chicken strips or traditional wings are a classic and affordable option for a Super Bowl party. Not only are they crowd-pleasers, but they are easy to prepare and can pair well with an assortment of dips and sauces.
  2. Avoid buying plastic silverware: Instead, serve finger foods like wings, cheese curds, or BBQ nachos. Avoiding plastics will save you money on disposable cutlery and allow guests to enjoy their food with their hands.
  3. Throw a potluck: Take the financial burden off yourself by asking each guest to bring a dish to pass. This way, everyone can contribute and enjoy a variety of different dishes.
  4. Crowd-pleasing Super Bowl dishes: If you want to be the most valuable guest at the party, bring a platter of award-winning wings or shareable appetizers like loaded nachos, boom boom shrimp, or quesadillas.
  5. Make the most of leftovers: If you have food left over after the party, there are a few tricks for making the most of them. For example, you can turn your leftover chips or crackers into breadcrumbs and use leftover salsa as a flavor enhancer in red sauces or soups. Leftover veggies can be diced up for omelets or combined with shredded chicken wings for a hearty soup. If you have an excess of beer in your fridge, use it as a braising liquid to marinate a cut of meat.
  6. Save money on beverages: To save money on drinks, consider asking someone at the party to be the designated beverage person and split the cost among others. Alternatively, make the party BYOB so guests can bring their desired type and number of drinks. Consider offering a signature cocktail like a punch or a spritzer instead of a full bar setup, and opt for canned or bottled drinks instead of more expensive alternatives. Do not forget about non-alcoholic options like lemonade, iced tea, or flavored water, which can also be made in bulk and served in large dispensers.

With some planning and creativity, you can throw a Super Bowl feast that is budget-friendly and still delicious. By following these tips, you can host a party that your guests will remember for years to come without you worrying about breaking the bank.


Do you still prefer to go out and watch the big game and not spend too much? Kayleigh Cobb, General Manager at The Brass Tap Orlando, says The Brass Tap will have happy hour food and beer specials all night during the game. “I’d love to have fans in here; it’s a fun atmosphere,” Cobb says. “We’re going to have high energy. Entry is free, and we will have tables open.” To learn more visit


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