Expert Advice: Preparing for Your Senior to Leave for College


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With graduation just around the corner, parents and children may start to feel overwhelmed and a little anxious about the next chapter of their lives. It’s an exciting time for the whole family and impacts everyone in the family, not just the high school senior. As your senior leaves for college, you as the parent may experience empty-nest syndrome. Here are five ways to reduce the stress of your child leaving the nest.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

If you and your high school grad feel that everyone is prepared, then you both will be able to rest easier. Rely on the school for information on upcoming events, move-in days, and tours of the campus. Go over these dates with your child. Reassure your child that you are only a phone call away and will always be there for them. Review basic safety tips with them. In spite of the eye-rolling, they will appreciate these little reassurances.

Schedule time as a family

It is important to allow them to have time with friends but also be sure to schedule time with you and the family to create memories that they can take with them. It doesn’t need to be a huge, overwhelming gesture – in some cases that could actually lead to additional stress. It’s the little things that they will remember.

Reach out and talk

Many parents are going through this stage or have already been through this stage so use your resources. Ask friends and family how they handled this time in their life or how they are handling it. Talking with others will help you feel not as alone during this.


Remember the to-do list you’ve had forever? Now’s the time to do it! This will allow you to stay busy and keep your mind off of your senior leaving. Plus, you will have more time for yourself and the projects you’d like to complete.

Ignite your Passions

Always wanted to learn to play tennis? Interested in taking classes at the local college or YMCA? Take time to really invest in yourself, your family, and your friends. Many times parents put their needs and want on the back burner and focus on their child. Now is YOUR time!

Heading off to college is an exciting time and affects the whole family. Be sure to be patient, cut yourself some slack, and just remember that over the last eighteen years you have been working towards this moment, even if it is hard to let them go. ~ Written by Summer Simmons, Marketing Manager at Windermere Preparatory School

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