Cutest Pet Contest: Meet the Winners

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1st Place

Owners: The Weisser Family
Community: Windermere
What is Peanut’s story? Mom Alisha volunteered to pick Peanut up from a shelter in Polk County for Central Florida Pug Rescue. Her back legs were weak and her jaw was broken in two places, and it still is. Alisha says within a day she knew she couldn’t give Peanut back, jokingly referring to it as a “foster failure.” She says, “When I picked her up, she just had this look about her that she was so happy to be out of there. She was really happy to come home to a family.”
What are some of Peanut’s favorite things? Food, sleeping, a duck toy and Nylabones
Fun Fact: The Weisser family has donated Peanut’s winnings (a $500 check) to Central Florida Pug Rescue, the organization that introduced Peanut to her forever home.
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2nd Place

Owner: Whitney Michielssen
Community: College Park
What is Rabbit’s story? Whitney found Rabbit on PetFinder and found out he was born without paws because of a genetic deformity. She waited about six months until she was able to bring him home with his new prosthetic paws, donated by the rescue he was from in Atlanta. She says communities in Orlando and Atlanta came together to make sure she had everything she needed to give Rabbit his perfect forever home. Whitney says, “Certainly some days are harder than others when you have a dog without feet, but overall, for every bad thing there’s an equally amazing thing.”
What are some of Rabbit’s favorite things? Grandma’s house, cats, stroller walks, cheese and doing tricks
Fun Fact: Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy & Fitness has donated Rabbit’s swim therapy for the past year and a half while Whitney has been in graduate school. Whitney says she noticed the swimming has helped his muscle development, and he is now the organization’s second strongest swimmer.
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3rd Place

Owners: Bob and Amanda Page
Community: Winter Garden
How did Morty become part of your family? After losing the dog they had for 14 years, Bob and Amanda started looking for a small, hypoallergenic dog that would get along well with Amanda’s parents, who live with them, and their small dogs. It was important to the couple that they get their new pet from a responsible breeder, and they found Morty from an AKC breeder of merit in The Villages. Amanda says, “When we found Morty, we all melted and felt like he had a great way about him. His personality won us over. He’s real spunky.”
What are some of Morty’s favorite things? Toys (especially his flea toy) and food
Fun Fact: Since Morty has such a great personality, Bob and Amanda are planning to get him trained as a therapy dog when he turns six months old. However, they are aware that his spunk could get in the way, so the back-up plan is for him to take part in agility training so he stays active and social.
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