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Aspiring musicians, hobbyists and those wishing to learn to play music now have a new place to live out their dreams, the El Camino School of Music, Repair and Technology, which opened right here in Orlando last month.

The main focus at El Camino School is trade-based learning and developing the next generation of touring technicians, but they don’t stop there. At El Camino School they encourage people of all ages and abilities to be a part of the music community. 

They offer music lessons for beginners to accomplished artists and seminars. There are even meet-ups where all are invited and encouraged to hone their craft, network and learn new skills.

One truly special aspect to the school is their music therapy program, which serves autistic and differently abled individuals. The course focuses on community building, wellness and self-empowerment through music. Creating music, moving to music and even listening to music can work wonders for those dealing with cognitive, emotional and even physical conditions. 

John Theisen founded El Camino School with the primary objective of creating a true collaboration with the community and the local music industry. A longtime contributor to the Orlando music scene, Theisen envisioned a space that would allow students of all ages to create their own path through music.

Located on Edgewater Drive, the facility connects music industry professionals with individuals who are seeking to further their understanding of music by offering a variety of professionally taught courses, guest lectures, seminars and activities. The goal is to educate individuals about how to create music, from guitar circuitry to the inner workings of a guitar amp, before they even strike a string.

“Musicians who understand how it all works are more likely to succeed in their craft,” Theisen says.

El Camino School’s trade-based learning initiatives are helping to develop the next generation of touring technicians, which according to a recent Wall Street Journal Article, are in high demand. The eight-week touring technician program features courses in guitar, amp and pedal building, soldering, signal flow and instrument repair and provides a college alternative for creative people who are interested in hitting the road and making the show possible behind the scenes.

If you love music, want to learn music, or are looking to build a solid foundation for a career in the music industry, then El Camino School is for you. Its team of industry professionals are committed to helping people of all ages and skill levels to pursue their passion and build a community focused on music. Visit for more information.

Amp Building Course  – This December!

El Camino School’s two-day amp building course builds the foundation for creating something new while providing technical knowledge about amplifiers, the voice-box of the electric guitar and bass. Here’s what you can expect:

• Build your own custom, 5-watt tube amp

• Learn to troubleshoot real-world problems with the equipment for technical support

• Learn the concepts of sound creation and manipulation to create personalized sound and/or settings

• Learn the technical aspects of the circuits that create the sounds controllable from within the amplifier

For more information or to register, visit or call 407-734-5129. 


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