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Audrey Drummonds

Meet Audrey

Dr. Audrey Drummonds is the founder and director of Interior Coverings Ministry and Outreach Missions in Groveland, Fl. since 2002. Audrey received her Ph.D. in Religious Philosophy and M. Div. from Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary, along with bachelor’s degrees in Pastoral Counseling, Nutrition, and Dental Hygiene.

She is an Archbishop of the Ancient Apostolic Church in the USA, and a presiding member of the World Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches in the UK. She has been a businesswoman and CEO of 5 companies and LLCs in Florida with her husband Ron receiving several awards.

The Ministry has allowed Audrey to teach and travel to many countries doing medical missions and prayer pilgrimages around the world including Israel, Kenya and Germany to name a few. She has authored several books, and lectures, teaches, and guest speaks with an Apostolic/prophetic revelation knowledge.

What is your WHY?

I smile at this question reminding me of how a two-year old asked, “But why” after everything. That was me. The root of my “why” questions came from my heart as a little girl wanting to know the God of all creation in the big picture, but also on the micro level where I could identify with Him for myself as He is: Light, Life, and Love. In that identification, who did He want me to be at that moment in time, and how could I be a presence of His glory to others.


I was raised with a strong Christian background, and I was faithful to stay involved all my life in the church fellowship community. My “why” would often get challenged because much of what I was being taught with Scriptures came from a male perspective. As a female, I often didn’t agree, especially with the relationship with God.

This challenged my “why” to seek outside what I had been accustomed to. After many years of college, travel, mission work, hospital chaplaincy, earning degree after degree, I had my “why” answered in my writings on the Book of Revelation. I was on the Island of Patmos in the cave where the Apostle John had his vision. At the end of the book, it said the “Spirit and the Bride say come” (Rev. 22:17). I realized my “why” question was being answered by God. A bride is the feminine side – the voice within us all that desires to be transparent and loved as the uniqueness and divine treasure we truly are.

Knowing God also as my Father who created me in His perfection and Love gave me identity (Psalm 139). I try to use this wisdom of light, life, and love to listen to the heart of others, especially women that share something as if it were a normal thought. I ask them, “But why?” to give them a safe place to be transparent and hopefully feel the presence of love and encourage them to be the fullness of God’s creation He designed for them. 

What is the one word that perfectly explains who you are?


Would you change anything about how you have handled challenges or successes thus far in your life?

YES! I would first try to pause to have a quick dialogue with God to show me how loving-kindness can be expressed towards myself in situations, so that my cup of love and kindness is filled and ready to be poured out to others. I usually find that forgiveness is a key part in this – myself and others even though they may not ask or deserve it. Then sending blessings of love.

On your toughest of days, what motivates you to put one foot in front of the other?

I’ve gone through a lot of tough days in my life: molested as a child, rejection, abandonment, domestic abuse, dyslexic, broken neck, auto-immune disease, and a battle with stage four cancer over ten years.

Each time I spiral wanting to give up, God sends someone across my path, and I find myself wanting to help and encourage them. I often will pray and ask God, “Who do you want to be in my life at this time, that you couldn’t have been before.” When fear tries to come, I try to stop and realize that God goes with me wherever I am. He is not a Spirit of Fear, but Love. I then try to look outward, rather than my issues, and I start praying blessings on whoever is around me, often the strangers at a gas station, or grocery store.

Have you drawn inspiration from other women? Tell us about someone who has inspired you.

I am always inspired by other women. I see all women as unique, divine, royal treasures of God. Most don’t see it within themselves, so I enjoy listening to women to search for the gem. I have two women that come to my mind that inspired me greatly in my life journey. My grandma Richards who gave me a foundation of God’s wisdom and old fashioned Appalachian lifestyle. She taught me natural healing with herbs, cooking, sewing, gardening, and crocheting. She didn’t believe in watching TV in the evening but would read the Bible to me while I would practice crocheting.

Another inspiring woman in my life was Dr. Joanne Bunce. She had a ministry in New York where I would often go to visit. She was a powerful woman of faith who taught the Scriptures from a Love Letter from God to His Children. She  encouraged me while I was going through Seminary to finish. Then afterwards, she ordained me into pastoral leadership, helped me start my own ministry, and encouraged me to write. Today, this ministry, Interior Coverings Ministry has been active for 20 years reaching people in over 200 countries. Several of the books I have written have been used in other countries as complementary to Bible School.

What are you most proud of?

My three children. I can often look back and see where I could have been a better mom, yet despite my shortcomings I am blessed with two sons and a daughter that are simply amazing adults.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced and what did you learn from it?

Battling cancer. When I was diagnosed in 2012 with two different breast cancers, I had a double mastectomy chemo and reconstruction. It’s a journey that changed everything about who I was before the cancer. The fear of “what if” was hard to battle after I was in remission. Each year got a little easier to move on with life until 6 years later it came back for the second time.

I asked people to pray specifically to “keep fear off me”, and to keep the thoughts of “what if” away. I was also going through a marriage crisis at this time which made the stress issues challenging for healing. After another year of a cancer battle journey, I did well to move forward until two years later, when the cancer had spread for the third time. This past year I’ve gone through four surgeries, radiation, and now two chemo pills for life.

I have learned going through each battle that the joy of the Lord is my strength and Life. During each trial and tribulation, I have found another realm of His love and presence with me. I hear His voice tell me, “Audrey, I know the plans I have for you, and they are good plans with abundant life. I will heal you Audrey of all your wounds and afflictions. I am always with you. I will never leave you. You are mine, beautiful and perfect in My heart.” (Jeremiah 29:11, 30:17, Psalm 139, Matthew 28:20)

Celebrating the Woman Next Door

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