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Research shows that adequate arts education in public schools directly correlates to academic success. One statistic reveals that students with a low socioeconomic status with access to the arts are five times less likely to drop out than their peers with insufficient access. Additionally, learning self-expression through creative practices creates more well-adjusted individuals overall. Yet, it is still a reality that not all students have equal opportunities for art education. So, whether your child lacks a creative outlet at school or cannot get enough of the subject, there are plenty of art classes and programs for kids around Central Florida to satiate even the most voracious little virtuosos.

Central Florida Community Arts Youth Programs

CFC Arts, located in the Ivanhoe Village area of Downtown Orlando, offers classes in the performing and visual arts, including dance, theater, music, and more, to kids from Pre-K to 12th grade. Along with organizing a series of free classes in collaboration with local libraries, CFC Arts hosts ongoing workshops in person and online at low or no cost.

Crealdé School of Art Young Artist Program

Offering classes in everything from pottery and comic-style drawing to urban photography across three venues in Winter Park and Winter Garden, Crealdé School of Art is a haven for creative kids and teens. The school also provides scholarship opportunities for those in financial need.

Creative Jane Art Studio

This studio on Fairbanks Avenue, owned by artist and mom extraordinaire Rebecca Kincaid, has class offerings for all age groups. Kincaid encourages kids to get messy and color outside the lines in the many after-school and summer camp programs she and her team offer at Creative Jane. 

ArtReach Orlando

ArtReach Orlando is a 501c(3) organization dedicated to bringing access to the arts to children of all backgrounds. They host after-school and summer camp programs and provide art programs to underserved parts of the community via in-school residencies. In alignment with their mission, financial aid is available for those in need.

Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center

For those interested in getting creative digitally, the Melrose Center located within Orlando Public Library has classes in video and audio production, photography, graphic design, and more. Anyone with an Orange County library card that has completed the Melrose Center’s general orientation has access to all classes. The tech is free, but be sure to register in advance.

Pablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” So, if you think your child has prodigy potential or just an excess of energy to channel creatively, consider signing them up for an art program outside of school. With the proper guidance and encouragement, they may very well be able to cultivate an artistic spirit that will last a lifetime. 


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Written by Monika Knotts

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