Amazing Orlando Businesses That Are Awesome For Local Gifting

Thoughtful holiday ideas for everyone you love

With the holidays in full swing, the art of gifting is upon us. No one likes wasting money on a gift that gets donated, re-gifted, or tossed! 

This season, consider your recipient’s interests and needs while shopping locally. 

Farmers markets and craft shows are a great way to find unique gifts while helping the local economy. Making a day out of visiting small downtown shops can also make for a memorable afternoon of gift-seeking. When you skip big-box stores, you’ll avoid overcrowded stores and have a calmer, more thoughtful shopping experience. 

Whether you need a gift for a coworker, friend, parent, or spouse, below you’ll find tips to buy gifts your recipients will cherish for years.

For the Hardcore Floridian 

For the true Floridians in your life, anything related to the Sunshine State is gold. “Sunshine State related” counts as anything purchased from true locals — like Freehand Goods, a shop dedicated to all things Florida. You’ll find items like a handmade swamp creature leather flask, soy candles, and only Floridians-get-it type stickers. Need a quick Florida-themed gift? Grab a thrift store basket with Florida oranges from a local produce stand. Wrap it in cellophane and a big bow. Ta-da! 

For the Antique Lover 

Know someone who adores collectibles? Head to Mount Dora’s Vintage Antique Mall to shop the 12,000-square-foot building with over 60 vendors. Pick up anything from antique jewelry to American art pottery, pocket watches and vintage toys. If your gift recipient is into 1950s-80s home decor, visit The Vintage Chair to find everything from collectible Pyrex to zebra-print chairs and everything in between. 

For the Bath & Body Product Aficionado 

Sadly, the beauty industry is known for its fancy packaging, which means waste. Annually, 120 billion units of plastic packaging get tossed into landfills. This season, give the guilt-free gift of good smells with natural and handcrafted candles and soaps from shops like Indeu Apothecary. Want luxury items like reusable eye masks or a scalp massager? Visit Oh Eco for more sustainable gifts, including organic toys!

For the Secondhand Lover 

Nothing says sustainable like shopping secondhand. Luckily, Central Florida has tons of shops for thrifters. Consider smaller thrift stores like the Orlando Union Rescue Mission, where proceeds help people experiencing homelessness, making your conscious shopping a double-win. Whether you’re looking for glassware, artwork, or apparel, you can often find it secondhand in like-new condition. 

Gift With Purpose 

This season, meaningful eco-friendly gifting is the way to go. Doing so reduces your stress of buying by encouraging you to reflect on the presents purchased. It’ll save you stress and provide your gift recipient with an item they’ll undoubtedly enjoy.

Instead of looking at how many items you can buy someone, consider the quality of your purchases instead. They’ll be able to appreciate an item better that lasts longer. Additionally, look for multi-use products — like an all-in-one shampoo body bar — to reduce product waste. Sustainable products last longer and create less of an impact on future generations’ resources. 

What better gift could you give to a loved one and our earth?


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Written by Seraine Page

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