Providing Hunger Relief: A Spotlight on Dave Krepcho

Dave Krepcho, President and CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank has shown what it truly means to give back to one’s community through his efforts with hunger relief in Central Florida. 

Over the past 17 years he has managed to fulfill the organization’s mission to “create hope and nourish lives through a powerful hunger relief network, while multiplying the generosity of a caring community.” 

“I think Dave just has a servant heart. He’s always looking at those in need and just trying to figure out the best way to serve them,” says Jeff Lutes, Chairman of the Board. “I think he takes a lot of pride in being able to do that himself and being able to have a high performing organization that does so as well. It’s just that passion to serve others that motivates him and drives him every day.”

Krepcho’s passion for hunger relief dates to the early 1990s when he was first introduced to the idea of food banking. 

“For me it was a fit, it just made sense,” Krepcho says. “I mention to people that if you can find that intersection in life of your abilities and talents with one of societies great needs that’s when you know you’ve really found your fit.”

Chief Development Officer Greg Higgerson says the organization’s “approach to things has changed because of Dave’s vision”, resulting in the creation of a long-term plan to sustain hunger relief efforts. 

The plan includes services that address issues of health, income, education, transportation, and affordable housing such as the home delivery of food, the distribution of food to kids on weekends and the culinary training and distribution center training programs. 

Lutes describes this effort as a transformation from an organization that “feeds hungry people to one that delivers hunger solutions.”  

This is largely due to Krepcho’s belief that “hunger is just a symptom of deeper issues at the root of it.” To address those issues, he encourages and motivates his team to remain innovative.  

That is how amidst Covid, Second Harvest with the help of the community was able to distribute enough food for 100 million meals. Krepcho said seeing that level of community engagement was one of his proudest moments and he looks forward to remaining active even in retirement. 

“I have to say that the Central Florida community is a very caring one and generous and I am so thankful for that. You can have the greatest vision in the world but if you don’t have support for that it’s not possible,” Krepcho says. “A huge thank you to this community for supporting Second Harvest Food Bank and I’m looking forward to their continued support after I’m gone.” 

Bill Collins, Chief Operating Officer, says he hopes the organization will uphold the culture that Krepcho has built. 

“He was perfect for this organization, he’s perfect for this community and I’m hoping we can continue that without him here,” Collins says.

For more information about Second Harvest and how you can become involved visit


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