A Single Father’s Harmonies and Hardships

A few short decades ago, a dad’s place in the home was to work and make the financial means to run the household. They only sometimes had to think about washing clothes, cleaning pots and pans, or taking care of the kids. Present day, it is different, especially in a single-dad household.

Before daybreak, and sometimes before the alarm goes off, Jonathon Goff is already up and busily preparing for the day for himself and his three children. His typical morning includes preparing breakfast, giving homework a final glance, and ensuring school books are put into backpacks.

The Goff Family

Over the last six years, Jonathon has been a single dad of three happy and active children, Alleigh, Easton, and Mason. He manages a lawn and landscaping business, which demands much of his time, but only as much time as he gives his children. 

Additionally, when asked what the most time-consuming part of being a “bachelor dad” is, he thoughtfully responded, “Scheduling, I would say, is the hardest part of being a single dad. All three of my kids are involved with extracurricular activities. It takes a lot of planning to make sure everyone is where they need to be and that I will be able to be there with them.” He also hinted that laundry would “hit the top of the list” as being another time-consuming task. 

Jonathon is blessed to have a family support system. He counts on his parents, Wayne and Tracie Goff, and his brother and sister-in-law for support when he is unavailable. As a business owner, he can sometimes be flexible and adjust his schedule as needed.

Furthermore, Jonathon admits that it is hard being a single dad, and it is something that he never expected or wanted. “I didn’t want my family broken; sometimes, things get out of your control.” 

Catering to Everybody

Considering what is best for the children while ensuring he agrees with his former wife, the mother of his children, is a delicate balance. It is something he takes very seriously. Jonathon continues, “I believe you should keep your children active in the community. Sometimes, keeping up with the schedule can be difficult, but it’s worth it.”

Jonathan contemplates how to choose activities for their leisure time to create long-lasting moments together. Making fun memories for his kids plays a significant role in Jonathan’s decision-making process, which is where hunting comes into play.

“We go hunting and enjoy outdoor activities,” he says. “We look forward to our Smoky Mountain summer vacation each year. That is a special time for us.”  

Moreover, another favorite fun family time together is going to Mi Casa, a local eatery in Plant City. “We go every week without fail,” Jonathon explains. 

Alleigh, the eldest child, and Mason, the youngest, enjoy showing cattle. Easton, the middle son, enjoys playing baseball with the traveling baseball team, the North Brandon Navigators. “We travel around the surrounding counties on weekends for him to play in tournaments.” 

More Information

If you are a father seeking support, resources such as Young Fathers of Central Florida, Orlando Dads Group, and Fathers Advocacy are available.

To find more family-oriented stories, visit https://www.centralfloridalifestyle.com/?s=family.


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Written by Joyce Bliss

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