Recovery House of Central Florida

Homelessness is an ongoing problem in Central Florida, and nearly 30 years ago, John Hagan started doing what he could to help by founding Recovery House of Central Florida (RHCF).

The faith-based organization began when Hagan started welcoming homeless men with substance abuse issues into his home in an effort to give them a fresh start. This led to him purchasing homes in the community to offer low-cost rental options for men looking to re-establish their independence. Eventually, the response was so overwhelming that he purchased a residential facility with the capability of housing almost 50 men in emergency and transitional living programs.

Hagan obtained the 501(c)3 designation in 2000 and continues to focus on getting homeless men in Seminole County back on their feet through a one-year program. The 12-step, therapeutic community at RHCF uses a peer-driven model that stresses the importance of self help. This means that each member of the community isn’t only responsible for his own recovery but also the recovery of his peers. While participating in the day-to-day operations of the program, the men also build solid relationships so they can depend on each other for accountability, strength and hope.

Some elements of the program include both individual and group counseling, addiction education, relapse prevention, case management, and twelve-step recovery groups. These elements focus on educating the men about the issues they’re facing and helping them to obtain job skills and vocational training that helps to develop their social skills and prepare them for life outside the facility.

The men also work to achieve positive community and family ties that may have been tarnished by their addictions. The main goal of the program is to re-establish healthy functioning, behavioral skills, values, and increased levels of personal responsibility to give these men a second chance at life.

RHCF provides these services to homeless men regardless of their ability to pay, which is why community support is vital to the success of the organization.

How You Can Help:

1. Give a financial donation through direct sponsorship of men, cash donations and pledges.

2. Donate household items, hand tools, appliances, power equipment and yard tools, all of which the program uses on a daily basis.

3. Utilize the residential and commercial services provided by Recovery House of Central Florida like interior and exterior painting, roof cleaning, pressure washing and drywall install and repair.


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