Central Florida’s Cutest Babies

1st Place
Community: Sanford
Most precious moment: At just a few hours old, she opened her eyes and smiled. At that moment we knew her smile was God’s promise that she was going to fill our lives with happiness. Now we can’t look at her without smiling.
Emersyn’s favorite things: Her sisters
What makes Emersyn a star: From the very beginning, the doctors told us how many things would be wrong with her. They said our quality of life would be destroyed and she would ruin our future. But God healed her completely and used her to tell the world those doctors were wrong in every possible way. She is a star because she speaks for every child with a disability. She speaks to every doctor, every person, every parent who thinks that life is over with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. She’s a star because she tells the whole world the truth. Life with Down syndrome is priceless, and it’s only just begun.

2nd Place
Community: Oviedo
Most precious moment: Meeting Dax for the first time a few hours after he was born was special for us because he became a part of our family through the blessing of adoption. We are so thankful for this gift. Dax has brought enormous joy to our family. His big sister, Lyric, could not be prouder of her baby brother.
Dax’s favorite things: His blanket, his sister, music and dancing
What makes Dax a star: Dax is always full of energy, and he has a very contagious laugh. He loves to make people laugh. He is also a talented climber. We call him The Hulk due to his super strength.

3rd Place
Community: Avalon Park
Most precious moment: One of our most favorite moments happens daily. The big, beautiful smile she gives us when she wakes up every morning is the perfect way to start off our day.
Isabella’s favorite things: She loves watching cartoons, and her favorite one is “Curious George.”
What makes Isabella a star: She is so photogenic because she is a very happy baby who is always smiling. We can tell even at this early age that she loves people because she is always interacting with everyone she meets.


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