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1. Product Introduction ACU Uniform is an abbreviation of Army Combat Uniform, originated from US Military Uniform, a new Army Uniform after Battle Dress Uniform. Hengtai Group produces US Military Style Army Combat Uniform with Polyester Cotton Or Nylon Cotton blended fabric. We devoted ourselves to Army ACU since 2007, covering most African and Middle East Countries Government. We are expecting to become your long-term partners in China. 2. Product Specifications, Details, Application and Terms ProductUS Military Style Army Combat Uniform Fabric CompositionIf ready stock of ACU Uniform for urgent shipment, mostly by 65% polyester and 35% cotton. If specially Customized Military ACU Uniform, African, Middle East Countries Army and Police prefer 60-65% Cotton, and 35-40% Polyester. Fabric Weight(GSM)If ready stock of Army Combat Uniform, most stock by 210-220g/sqm; If special making for African and Middle East Government Tender use, mostly by 230-240g/sqm. Fabric StructureFor African, Middle East, most of South-East Asian, Latin American, South American by Rip-stop Or Twill. Types of ACU Uniform as per colorWoodland Camouflage ACU, Digital Camouflage ACU(ACU Color), Desert Camouflage ACU, Jungle Camouflage ACU, Army Greens ACU Uniform, Navy Blue ACU, Desert Khaki Brown ACU, etc. Pattern Of Army Combat Uniform2 Slanted chest pockets Sleeve pockets with Velcro 2 Slanted pockets in ACU Pant 4 Leg Pants Data of Color Fastness, Break Strength, Tear Strength of ACU UniformAs per different requirement from Army and Police, make special treatment, during Spin Yarn, Weave Grey Fabric and Dying color. Application of Army Combat UniformUsed as Solider Uniform, Police Combat Uniform,Training Uniform,etc. It is different from Army Service Dress and Military Working Uniform Or Fatigue Uniform. MOQ. Of Army ACU UniformFor normal stock, @ 1000sets For Specially making, @ 3000sets. 3. Product Qualification ISO Certified Manufacturer and Supplier of Military Uniform. 4. Special requirement for Deliver and Shipping Army ACU Uniform For Military Army Combat Uniform Export, China Government has strict requirement, importer needs to submit EUC from local Government, Armed Forces, National Defend Or related Law Enforcement Departments. We apply for Military Supplies Export License from China Government after payment is made, and one shipment, one License. Generally, it costs at least 1month. 5. FAQ What is the new Army combat uniform called? In USA, the latest name is Operational Camouflage Pattern, abbreviation is OCP. How do you wear an Army combat uniform? Personally, I like to choose a pair of same color Military Boot with this ACU Uniform. After wearing the Uniform, stuff ACU Pant bottom into Military high Upper Boot, also, put a beret into ACU Shirt shoulder strap. Seems so cool! What does ACU mean? Army Combat Uniform Originated from the U.S. Army. With different calling during different period, for example: 2004 (UCP ACU); 2008 (OEF-CP ACU); 2014 (OCP ACU) Why are military uniforms camouflage? With "Camouflage" color, it helps to protect Army not to be detected during Combat. Especially, when the Camouflage fabric is treated by Anti-IRR.Army Uniform supplier website:

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