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My Mammographer – My New BFF

I can’t help but reflect back on my experience with the amazing mammographer at AdventHealth. After explaining to her that I totally missed my 2020 mammo, she congratulated me on TAKING BACK MY HEALTH and GETTING MY MAMMO. (For the sake of her privacy, I will refer to her as my new BFF! ) As […] More

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It’s Mammo Day: This One’s for the Girls!

The day is here – mammo day. Do I have a million things to do this morning? Yes. Have I put this off for over a year? Yes. Do I want to cancel? Yes. Can I come up with a million excuses to cancel? Yes, but this one is for the GIRLS! This is for […] More

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So You Forgot Your Mammogram. Now What?

You know that feeling when you open the refrigerator and you can’t remember what you’re looking for or why you opened it? Climbing up the stairs to retrieve something from your bedroom only to realize you have NO idea what you climbed up the stairs for? The positive side of that one is that you […] More

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