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    Everyone, adults and children alike, have preferences when it comes to food. But, if your child has crossed the bridge into the land of the picky eater, something as normal, enjoyable, and fulfilling as a family meal can instantly become wrought with stress, discord, and unhappiness. Here are some ways to avoid picky eating at your table and encourage your child toward a more healthy, balanced diet.

    DO: Offer Many Options
    The it’s my way or the highway mentality may not work in your favor when it comes to dealing with your picky eater. There’s a stubbornness about kids when it comes to food, and your need to get dinner finished and bath time started so you can head to bliss (otherwise known as bed time) is pretty unlikely to stand up to that resolve consistently. And, as any wise parenting expert would tell you, parenting is largely about consistency. Instead of being a staunch eat this or die activist, consider offering your child a variety of healthful options at meal time. If your child has the ability to make choices they are more likely to feel in control of the situation and less likely to engage you in a power struggle. You want them to understand that food is not something to be stressed about, that dinner time is synonymous with happy family time, and eating is more about being healthful than it is about emotional things (like bending to moms will). Besides, having a more varied meal will probably result in personal happiness as well.

    DO: Allow Plenty of Snacks
    Some people just enjoy a life that is fueled by grazing. In fact, it may even be more healthy to offer your child frequent, small meals throughout the day. Remember too, snacking does not have to include junk food. Make sure that the majority of what you offer is healthful and you can’t really go wrong. No parent ever complained about a kid who ate too many carrots and hummus.
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