What Makes Ruby Red Cleaning So Special

I found Ruby Red Cleaning when I needed help getting my house in order before my mother-in-law came to visit. The cleaners for this locally owned company went above and beyond, leaving little touches of magic for me to find after they left. It was so unexpected that I asked the owner, Jenny Killingsworth, to tell me more about Ruby Red.

Who are Ruby Red’s clients?
Anyone who lives under a roof! Seriously, we help a lot of moms who feel overwhelmed. Life is fast and furious these days and the messes pile up pretty quick.

Why do people call Ruby Red, other than the obvious reason of wanting a clean house?
They’re looking for some relief, because, like me, they’re trying to do too much. The hard thing is that so many women feel they should be able to do it all without help. It’s a relief to look over your shoulder knowing that mess won’t be there when you get home. You can get on with your day knowing someone’s got your back. That’s a great feeling. And we love creating that.

What makes Ruby Red Cleaning different?
Understanding. As the owner, I get it. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom, a homeschool mom, a working mom and a single mom. Many of the women working for us are moms, too. When you’re living a wonderful life, the house gets dirty. And that’s ok. We’ll do a great job cleaning it all up.

What are the options for getting some help with Ruby Red?
A lot of people think that getting your house cleaned will break the bank, but you can set a budget and we’ll get creative to work within that. We’re all about just getting you some help, providing some relief. There’s a quick process for getting started: tell us about your home, tell us about your budget, and we’ll be right over.

What else would you say to our readers who are moms?
I’ve been where you are. I built this company to help you get to the bottom of that laundry pile so you can find that super mom cape. It’s ok to have some help. I do every week and it has helped me remember that my busy life is also a very wonderful life. You can do that, too. So, put that super mom cape on and get those muffins to that class party; we’ve got the house, girl. We’ve got it.

Jenny Killingsworth

Written by Lyndsay Fogarty

Lyndsay Fogarty has had many roles at Central Florida Lifestyle, working her way from intern to contributing writer to managing editor. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida’s Nicholson School of Communication where she earned her degree in journalism. Along the way, she has learned that teamwork and dedication to your craft will get you far, and a positive outlook on the present will get you even farther.

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