Children’s Room Design

Wall Art
If your child is heavily involved in a sport or other activity, you can promote that in themes for their bedroom. Decals are an easy and affordable way to focus on the activities that your child loves without committing fully to the design, as they are easy to replace as interests shift. Add other visual elements, like stripes, but be sure to use high quality painter’s tape to get the lines just right.

Storage for Small Spaces
Industrial chests are popular for storage because they offer a lot of space while being able to withstand the daily abuse of youngsters. When paired with other storage options, like trunks at the foot of the bed, your kids will have plenty of space to hide their toys so the room will stay neat and tidy.

Growing with the Room
As they get older, children need an organized space where they can concentrate on their schoolwork. Purchase a standard-sized desk that can grow with your child from elementary to high school and allow them to personalize it with photos, organizational materials and other trinkets as their interests change. A good desk can stay with your child even through college.

Take a Seat
Including multiple seating options at the foot of the bed allows your child to entertain their friends in their room without forcing anyone to sit on the floor. You can even find seats that double as storage units to make cleaning up a breeze.

Installing the Wall
Add a grown-up visual element to the space with an easy, do-it-yourself project that the whole family can have a hand in. This simple applied mobile detail involves multiple shades of paint and the installation of several 1x2s that creates texture on the wall. Your child can express themselves through the paint colors, which can easily be updated as their preferences change.


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