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This is a great time to consider selling your home and making your next move. The housing market is booming and interest rates are unbelievably low. Follow these suggestions to get your home in top condition so you can yield top price.

Stage Your Home
Builders are back and new construction is everywhere. This means you will be competing with new construction as well as the homes in your immediate area. Visit a few model homes for examples of staging. The golden rule is less is best. Finishing touches include placing new linens in the kitchen and the bathrooms, new throw pillows on your sofas, and pleasant neutral scents and sounds throughout.

Add Curb Appeal
First impressions start at the curb. Power wash walkways, patios and decks since they are the paths to your property. Trim up and freshen the landscape with a fertilized and manicured lawn. Replace worn sod areas for a truly green landscape. This is also the time to trim the shrubs to accent, not hide, the property.

Want your home to sparkle? Consider removing and storing screens. Clean windows without screens allow the light and beauty of the outdoors to shine through. Your property will stand out from all the other homes on the street.

Now for your smashing first impression: The greeting at the front door. Adding fresh paint and new hardware is huge. Consider an accent color that pops.

Make Repairs and Update Items
When you’re ready to sell, be sure to complete your list of minor updates and repairs. For example, paint is the most inexpensive update. It is amazing how a room will change with fresh, light colors. Putting new hardware on cabinetry also provides an instant update. Taking a little time to prepare your home can net a faster selling time for more money. Remember, top condition yields top price.

Set the Mood
Create a spacious feeling in each room. Maximize the space by arranging all furniture in a way that creates an easy walking space and flow. Remove small scatter rugs from bathrooms and other areas. You will be amazed how much larger the space will seem.

De-clutter all surfaces by removing trinkets, paperwork, family photos, collectables, books, magazines and seasonal items. Consider donating unwanted items, shredding paperwork, packing up for storage, and be a step ahead when it is time to move.

Organize all cabinets and closets to show that space is available. Crowded storage areas send a negative message that the property is lacking storage. Do not forget the garage. A well-organized, clean and tidy garage makes a lasting impression.

Value Your Property
Schedule a property value session with a local realtor or appraiser to make sure the price is right. In today’s market, you want to attract all prospective buyers to view your home. Over-priced homes may exclude qualified buyers; under value your property and you may leave dollars on the table.


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Written by Sally Kamrada

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