How to Bring the Outdoors In

Designed by Nicole and Mike Mendicino, Orlando Theme Homes
Photographed by Cynthia Simonetta, Cynthia Simonetta Photography

Mark Your Territory
When it comes to following a theme in your home, it’s all about the whimsical touches that visitors may not notice right away. Just as a child might do in a tree house outdoors, or even on a random tree outside, a bedroom tree house can be personalized with carvings of his or her name, friends’ names or pet names. Those special touches will let your child make the space his or her own.

Warning Signs
The design of these bunk beds provides a place for privacy, and this sign shows siblings and parents that the person inside the tree house means business. The weathered look makes it feel like it has really taken on the elements of the great outdoors.

Bump on a Log
In this space, bringing the outdoors in is more than just building a bed that looks like a tree house. It’s about setting the scene by including elements that truly make the person staying there feel like he or she is sleeping outside. This is done here through custom pillows designed to look like logs and tree stumps and by swapping carpet for GrassTex, a synthetic turf that looks just like grass.

Wild Things
A tree house isn’t a tree house unless its backdrop is the biggest tree in the forest. This room’s designers created their own tree, giving it a real-life texture that is true to Mother Nature. It also includes twinkle lights in the leaves to mimic the stars in the night sky and a furry critter to serve as tiny roommate.


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