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Whether you’re updating the home you have lived in for years or you’re building a new home, interior design will play a large part in your plans. And, although it may not seem like it, you can create your dream home at any stage of home ownership – without even having to invest in a brand new home.

“When you create your dream home, it should be about your needs, your comfort and your desires,” Francia Fusik, owner of All in One Decorating Solutions in Windermere, says. “Even though we are all the same on a human level, we all have different needs and different habits.” She suggests starting off with writing a list of your habits to help determine your needs and your hobbies to determine the essentials for your comfort and happiness.

What Do You Need?

Being mindful of your everyday habits is the best way to sort out what your needs are when it comes to designing a practical home. This list will obviously look very different than your list of wants. If you find yourself tossing your belongings on the first flat surface you encounter when you get home then it’s safe to say you need a mud room (where you can also keep your shoes and coats organized) or specialty furniture in your foyer. That could include a bench with storage under the seat or an entryway table with drawers to hold your keys and shelving where you can place baskets to hold larger belongings.

Families that prepare meals at home often should put extra thought into their kitchen. Invest in high-quality appliances, include a kitchen island in the design and ensure there is plenty of space for people to move around as well as plenty of space to store cooking equipment. If you prefer to sit down for a meal outside then you might want to consider building an outdoor kitchen to accompany patio seating. Ultimately, there is a way to add practicality to your home based on any habit or need.

What Do You Love?

While a home needs to be functional, it should also be a place that you love to wake up in every morning and return to every night. There’s one easy way to achieve the balance between a functional space and a comforting one: include things you’re passionate about in the design.

Do you love to drink wine with your friends? Design a wine cellar with an attached bar so you have a place to gather and sip together. Are you a movie fanatic or a gym enthusiast? Transform a spare room into a home theater with a big screen and plush chairs or a home gym with all the best equipment. Are you known for entertaining? Create a dining room that you can be proud of and consider designing an outdoor living room that you can move to for dessert and after-dinner drinks.

The point is, your options are endless. You just need to sort through your inspiration.

“What will make you want to run home and spend your quality time there?” Fusik asks. “Once you have written your list, it’s easy to create your dream home.”

Give Your Home Personality

That doesn’t only mean deciding whether you want to go for a modern, contemporary, industrial, rustic or any other interior design look. It means working your own personality into the style of your space. Start by flipping through magazines and building a dream board for your home by cutting out the pieces that speak to you. Then visit furniture stores and showrooms to look at similar pieces in person. Sit on that couch. Feel that fabric. Most importantly, make sure you’re viewing the furniture as an individual piece instead of thinking about how it will look in a room overall.

“Either you love the piece or you don’t,” Fusik says. “‘Maybe’ is not acceptable.”

She suggests taking photos of your favorites as you shop because your style and personality will begin to shine through as you go. If you’re not comfortable with pulling everything together in a balanced way, consult a designer who can help you finalize the look you’re after.

“Realistically, all styles are beautiful as long as they are well-executed with balance and harmony,” Fusik says.

How to Organize Every Room of Your Home

You can’t put everything in its place until you create a place for everything. Rely on the experts to do this. After all, they have an eye for design and the background to build a space that’s both attractive and functional. The designers at Closets by Design know all about organization for any area of the home. Here’s what they can do:

  • Closet: Three custom closet systems – the Everyday Collection, the Classic Collection and the Regency Collection – allow you to clear the clutter while catering to your own personal style.
  • Garage: Transform your garage into a workshop, garden center or arts and crafts space. Include cabinets, drawers, a work bench and a wall for hanging tools, depending on the unit you choose.
  • Laundry: Hide laundry essentials behind custom cabinets to open up the countertops for sorting and folding. Then add helpful extras like a wall-mounted ironing board and a hanging rod for air drying.
  • Pantry: Organizing your pantry basics with slat walls for hanging accessories, pull-out shelving, drawers helps to streamline the cooking process. They can even add a selection of wine racks.


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