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6 Wedding Traditions that Take the Cake

Weddings are full of traditions though some have become modernized or totally reinvented. Let’s see which traditions have brides and grooms saying “I do” or “I don’t.” 

As wedding bells ring, rice isn’t the only thing being tossed. Sometimes wedding traditions are written out of the etiquette books, too, while others stand the test of time or become modernized for today’s bride and groom. We’ve outlined some of the top traditions that may or may not be on the guest list for the next wedding you attend. 

Tossing a Bouquet 

– I Do!

This lucky tradition seems to be here to stay. Proudly carrying a bouquet of flowers down the aisle is symbolic of a traditional bride. During the reception’s bouquet toss, it’s said that the woman who catches it will be the next to be married. This may just be a superstition, but it’s a highlight for most female guests. 

White Wedding Dresses 

– I Do!

White gowns have been worn by brides for centuries. While modern-day brides may opt for a variation of cream or blush, or even opt for a more unique color to match their theme, the majority of women still say “yes” to a white wedding dress.  

Throwing Rice 

– I Don’t!

The age-old tradition of throwing rice as the bride and groom exit hasn’t been completely tossed aside, but it has been reinvented. Rice is banned at most venues because it can harm hungry birds following the wedding. Modern alternatives include bubbles and sparklers. 

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses 

– I Don’t!

This is an old tradition that has gotten a new design, much to the delight of bridesmaids. These days, many brides share their wedding color and let their bridesmaids choose a style of dress in that shade that fits their body shape best. This allows the bride to keep unity with the color scheme of her big day while making sure her girls have their own flattering cut. 

First Looks 

– I Do!

The old superstition of not seeing your significant other before the ceremony has made its way out of many modern weddings, as couples are now incorporating first look photo shoots into their wedding day itinerary. While not everyone wants to give up that first look on the aisle, many have chosen to share this intimate moment together while capturing beautiful photos of each other’s reactions. 

Matching Metal Rings 

– I Don’t!

Wedding bands symbolize the commitment that brides and grooms are making to each other. Many couples go with traditional matching metal bands, but others don’t. Modern bands for women often include diamonds to match their engagement ring, and men’s bands now come in dark metal or even black. Finding a pair of rings that makes both the bride and groom happy can be done with variation while still representing unity.   


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