Who Needs a Lawyer Anyway? Why Having A Legal Professional Will Never Go Out Of Style

Statue of lady justice on desk of a judge or lawyer.
Statue of lady justice on desk of a judge or lawyer.

The True Value of Professional Lawyers in Orange County

In legal practice, the notion that lawyers are as prevalent as pigeons, abundant and in oversupply, is challenged by closer examination. In Orange County, Florida, the ratio is a modest 1.2 attorneys per thousand residents, equating to less than 2,000 lawyers for a population of 1.43 million. While this suggests a less saturated field, the surge in online self-help legal services has led individuals to handle legal tasks independently, from crafting wills to starting businesses and writing contracts. The question arises: In a seemingly crowded legal landscape, is professional legal assistance necessary? In other words, Who Needs A Lawyer Anyway?


Navigating the Legal Maze

A: Disparaging quotes about attorneys further the perception that navigating the legal system alone is a viable option. President Abraham Lincoln’s famous assertion that “He who represents himself has a fool for a client” underscores the belief that self-representation may not be wise. Cynical remarks questioning the need for attorneys, such as “Why hire an attorney when you can Google the law?” and depictions of lawyers as leading to financial ruin, contribute to skepticism about their necessity, “Lawyers are the only profession where you can go in broke and come out bankrupt.” The legal system is portrayed as a complex maze, raising doubts about paying for guidance through a system created by lawyers.


The DIY Legal Trend and Associated Risks

The rise of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) lawyering is evident in online legal product companies offering templates for various legal documents. While emphasizing their non-law firm status, these entities explicitly state they are not attorney substitutes. Users are cautioned that products may lack accuracy, currency, or alignment with state statutes (laws). A notable example involves John and Susan, who, in Colorado, purchased an online will package. Despite being signed by two witnesses and notarized, the will was invalid due to Colorado’s three-witness requirement. Also, the online service failed to explain probate, meaning prove the will,  leaving heirs unaware of the need to navigate the courts, subsequently costing thousands of dollars.

These risks associated with DIY legal endeavors highlight that attorney expertise extends beyond document creation. Quotes like “There are some things you shouldn’t ‘Do-It-Yourself,’ brain surgery and your legal representation are at the top of the list” underscore that legal issues, like complex medical procedures, require specialized knowledge. Recognizing tasks that someone should not attempt independently, particularly in areas like brain surgery and legal defense, reinforces the importance of seeking professional legal representation.


The Undeniable Value of Legal Expertise

When engaging the services of an attorney, the financial investment extends beyond the procurement of documents; it encompasses the assurance that the work performed is comprehensive, accurate, and compliant with state laws. To exemplify, when dealing with matters such as last wills, consulting with an experienced estate planning lawyer specializing in wills, trusts, and probate ensures that the documents align with the intricacies of state laws. In essence, the value derived from legal representation transcends the mere act of document creation, encompassing the expertise, guidance, and assurances that legal professionals bring to the table.


Statue of lady justice on desk of a judge or lawyer.


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Written by Kristen Jackson

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