Why It’s Important to Make Family Memories

I can’t really tell you how my room was decorated when I was growing up. However, I do remember the times spent with my family. Those memories that we made have stuck with me into adulthood.

We all get caught up in our fast-paced life, but we still want to make memories with our kids. When you live in the No. 1 tourism destination in the country, there is an expectation level that each week should be packed with fun, adventure and new experiences. These experiences don’t always fit in the family budget though.

So, what can you do with your kids that doesn’t cost money while creating lasting memories?

Share a Meal

Time is so precious, and it is almost obsolete now that families actually sit down and prepare a dinner together. Think about it. When was the last time you made a recipe with your children or grandchildren?

There is something about the aroma of something special cooking in the kitchen. I always remember coming home after school and taking a nap. I was always awakened by the aroma of my mom making a home-cooked meal.

It can be as simple as sharing a meal together at the table, baking cookies or even making pancakes on the weekend. Pick a theme and have your kids set the table before you dig in.

Have a Game Night

Break out the board games or the karaoke machine, depending on your children’s ages. Kids always love to sing, play and have a show! If your kids love art or play an instrument then showcase their talents in your family room. Pop some popcorn and invite family or friends over. You will have a blast making memories.

Make flash cards with questions about family stories, places you’ve traveled or even famous songs. Music is the soundtrack to our lives.

Kids need constant stimulation due to the exposure of electronics. Let’s try to change the way we entertain them and teach them more about interacting with others. It will help them socially as they get older. Not to mention, it can teach them problem solving and coping skills.

Why It’s Important

To this day, my love of cooking stems from my childhood memories. When I entertain friends and family, I always incorporate some of these ideas to get to know my guests more and celebrate friendships.

While it may seem like something small in the moment, these family activities have an impact. They create fond memories that your children will recall as they grow older and may even inspire them to turn it into a tradition with their own families.

So get up, get moving and create memories that your kids will want to share with their future children!


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Written by Olivia Sain

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