8 Essentials for Any College Dorm Room

It’s almost time for your teenager to leave the nest and head off to college. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top items you’ll need to make their dorm room feel like home.

Add Personal Style

Decor is easiest way to brighten up a dorm room while making it a more comfortable place to live. You can make it both pretty and functional.

Photos: It feels good to be reminded of your happy memories. Additionally, seeing faces of loved ones hanging around the room can ease feelings of being homesick. Get creative by making a collage using a bulletin board and colorful thumbtacks that match the room’s theme. You can also hang photos using string, clothespins and tape. Just paint the clothespins to match the colors in the room. Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond also have photo clip string lights that can give the space a more whimsical feeling.
Diffuser: An essential oils diffuser will keep a dorm room smelling nice and keep stress levels down. Also, some varieties include a humidifier to keep you feeling your best. Diffusers come in many colors and materials that can be matched to the theme of the space so your college student can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of scents like lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint.

Keep it Functional

Companies provide tons of items look nice while also providing additional storage opportunities that are perfect for a small dorm room.

Collapsible Ottoman: These easy-to-assemble pieces add a nice touch to any bedroom. Ottomans provide extra seating and storage, and they come in many colors and patterns guaranteed to match any room.
Desk Lamp: Keep desks clutter-free with an all-in-one desk lamp with a built-in organizer for school supplies.
Over-The-Door Mirror: Not only does a full-length mirror help you pick out outfits, it also makes the space feel larger. Find a mirror that can be hung on your door that also includes space for storing items like toiletries and jewelry.

Stay Organized

A dorm room is known to be small, so staying clean and organized is important, especially if you have a roommate. Items like these can help.

Shoe Rack: Keep shoes organized and out of the way with a shoe rack that you can tuck into a small closet space or even under your bed or next to your desk.
Command Hooks/Strips: These are a must-have for college students. Command hooks can keep chargers, headphones and keys both organized and within reach. They can also be used to hang artwork or photos without damaging the walls.
Makeup Organizers: Find a clear makeup organizer that you can store easily on your desk or dresser. Makeup brushes can go in a cup on the desk. Additionally, makeup palettes are easy to keep organized when they are stored vertically in a file sorter, which come in a variety of shapes and colors.


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