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When Paul Neff was about 45 years old, he began to notice significant hair loss when he looked in the mirror. Something that had started so gradually was suddenly becoming noticeable and causing confidence to waiver. “You would see pictures and think, ‘Oh my god, where’s my hair?’”

At the suggestion of a neighbor, Neff went to the Orlando Hair Restoration Center (OHRC) in East Orlando for a consultation. Once he learned about what the experts there have done for others with similar stories, he decided it would be the best choice for the outcome he wanted.

OHRC has been successfully performing no scalpel, no linear scar NeoGraft hair restoration for years. Last year, the doctors introduced a newer, more technologically advanced option for hair restoration, the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant system.

Two Options for Hair Restoration
Dr. Roger Bassin, owner of OHRC, is committed to providing the most up-to-date technological advancements when it comes to hair restoration procedures. That’s why OHRC offers ARTAS alongside the NeoGraft procedure – and to give patients a choice.

“These procedures are both state of the art and equally effective, but some people want to have the human element involved and some people want to remove the human element,” Ron Doria, director of OHRC, says, referring to ARTAS and NeoGraft. At OHRC, patients are provided with only the best options when it comes to hair restoration.

Neff had his first hair transplant in August 2014, using the NeoGraft method to transplant 2,200 grafts to his hairline and crown. Last Thanksgiving, he completed the last leg of his hair restoration journey with the ARTAS method. At that time, 1,500 grafts were transplanted to the crown of his head.

He says he couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Doria and the OHRC team, and he recommends it to anyone who wants to get their full head of hair back. “They answered all of my questions up front, explained everything in detail about what was going to happen and what to expect,” Neff says.

While it can take up to a year to see results from these hair restoration procedures, Neff says he began to see a difference within four months.

How the Procedures Work
With Neograft, which has been successfully performed on patients like Neff for the past several years, a NeoGraft hair specialist removes individual hair follicles from the patient’s head with specialized equipment. This automated system works quickly, effectively and keeps each follicle healthy while it’s waiting to be transplanted. Once enough follicles are extracted from the donor area, they are transplanted to the areas in need.

ARTAS, the robotic hair transplant system, is most beneficial because it removes the human fatigue element. While the human eye can detect the best grafts during a hair transplant procedure, human fatigue is a factor throughout, and the grafts don’t always look as good at the end as they do in the beginning. That doesn’t mean you won’t get the results you desire, but it does mean it could take longer to achieve those results. “Hair transplants are time consuming and tedious,” Doria explains. “With the ARTAS, the first graft looks just as good as the last.”

Whether you choose ARTAS or NeoGraft, there is no need for general anesthesia. Your scalp will be numbed with a local anesthetic, and you will be awake the entire time. Because you aren’t “knocked out,” you will likely be able to return to regular activity within a few days.

You also don’t have to worry about any linear scarring for either procedure, which is in direct opposition to the older, more antiquated “strip” method, a technique that leaves large, painful scars that take weeks to heal. Since the hair follicles are removed individually from the donor area, rather than in a group, during ARTAS and NeoGraft, there will be no difference between the transplanted hair and the way your hair normally grows.

The Best Outcome
Doria says OHRC is the only center of its kind in Central Florida, as no other center in the southeast has the technologically advanced options of the ARTAS and NeoGraft.
In addition to having the technology, OHRC has the transplant experts that bring the results patients want. Lead hair transplant physician, Dr. James Slusher, member of the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, combines his expertise with almost 40 years of hair transplant specialist experience. “Patients routinely comment how great the team is,” Doris says. “They know how to restore hair so it looks completely natural. Hairlines in particular can be very difficult. Our team consistently get it right.”

Neff is one of those patients who rave about the team’s professionalism. “They don’t just plant your hair back in straight but instead they plant it how you want it to grow,” he says. “They’re keen to wanting to make sure you’re happy with the results.”

If you are struggling with hair loss, don’t wait another day. Call Orlando Hair Restoration Center to schedule a consultation with the experts.

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Orlando Hair Restoration Center
At The Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery
422 South Alafaya Trail, Suite 32A
Orlando, FL 32828

“My experience was very nice. It was calm and they were reassuring. I didn’t feel any pain. They answered all of my questions up front and explained everything in detail about what was going to happen and what to expect. I was completely aware of everything that was going on. I could watch TV, movies or listen to music so I was distracted from what they were doing. If it’s something that you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to do it. It truly does change the way you are. I have my hair back and I feel young again.”
-Paul Neff, NeoGraft patient


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