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Fifteen years ago, Leslye Gale had breast augmentation surgery that boosted her bust to a 34 DDD. The Magic Morning Show host from Magic 107.7 says that initial surgery happened at a time when large breasts were trendy. But at 54 years old, having such large breasts on her small frame began to take a toll.

Not only did the size of her implants cause pain in her back and shoulders but she also found it difficult to find clothes that fit her body and to exercise as much as she wanted. When she met Dr. Adam J. Oppenheimer of Oppenheimer Plastic Surgery, she knew she found the plastic surgeon that could make her happy with her body again.

Dr. Oppenheimer recently performed a breast reduction on Gale, placing smaller implants and lifting the breasts at the same time. Her goal for this procedure was simple: “I just want to buy a pretty bra.”

Who is Dr. Oppenheimer?
When you consider Dr. Oppenheimer’s background, it’s easy to see why he’s one of the top up-and-coming plastic surgeons in the Central Florida area. “If you look at his reviews, his pedigree and his experience, that speaks for itself,” Gale says.

A Yale graduate, Dr. Oppenheimer has been in practice for the past three years and has been board certified for the past two years. But his experience in the world of cosmetic surgery goes back even further.

“People have asked me how long I’ve been doing this because I look young,” he says. “I say I’m board certified, but I’ve been working for about 16 years.”

His grandfather was a plastic surgeon and his uncle still works in the field, making Dr. Oppenheimer a third-generation plastic surgeon. He remembers shadowing his relatives when he was in high school and scrubbing into surgeries with them and working full rotations together in college. He connects with his uncle often, comparing notes and discussing techniques now that he’s establishing himself in the field.

At Oppenheimer Plastic Surgery, Dr. Oppenheimer specializes in mommy makeovers including breast augmentations, tummy tucks and cosmetic labioplasty surgeries. He considers himself a women’s health expert.

“This is women coming in and wanting to change things so they can regain the confidence they had before all of these changes occurred to their bodies,” he says.

Tapping into Technology
Oppenheimer Plastic Surgery was designed with an affiliation with Dr. Roger Bassin and the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery. The practice is the only one in Central Florida with Crisalix, a virtual imaging technology that gives a woman the opportunity to see what her new body will look like before the surgery even takes place.

Dr. Oppenheimer uses Crisalix during the initial consultation. He uploads the patient’s image into the software and adjusts it to reveal the final outcome of the procedure. This technology can be used for breast implant procedures and breast reductions. The patient puts on special glasses that show four mirrors, each with a different view of her body, as well as a bird’s eye view of her breasts. She is able to see her new body fully nude or wearing a dress, a top or a bathing suit.

Gale says the technology is similar to something you would see during an award ceremony’s red carpet preview show, where a celebrity is placed in a 360-degree space so the world can see what they’re wearing.

“Fifteen years ago, you cut out a picture of a swimsuit model from a magazine and showed your plastic surgeon,” she adds. But during her consultation with Dr. Oppenheimer he showed her what she would look like if she had a reduction and lift with no implants versus if she had a reduction and lift with smaller implants. This allowed her to choose the best option for her.

“Dr. Oppenheimer brings to Orlando an expertise and technological advancement that our city has desperately needed,” Dr. Bassin says. “He is the first board-certified plastic surgeon in Central Florida with the virtual reality 3D imaging and the first to introduce Sientra’s shaped implants for more customized and natural-appearing results.”

Staying Social
“The most important thing for my success has been patients writing reviews about their experience with me,” Dr. Oppenheimer says.

Dr. Oppenheimer says opening up the world of plastic surgery to patients, allowing them to see the scars on day two of recovery and the bruising on day three, makes the experience more real. He does this through his personal Instagram account as well as through a website called RealSelf.com, something he describes as a Yelp or TripAdvisor for plastic surgeons. In fact, Dr. Oppenheimer was named one of America’s top 100 plastic surgeons by RealSelf.com.

“I’ve found that having direct-to-patient connections with these websites and with my Instagram, I show a lot more about what’s going on in terms of the healing process and the behind the scenes, which is untraditional,” Dr. Oppenheimer says.

Whether he’s seeing patients like Gale who are looking to change their breast size to increase their confidence or patients who want a full mommy makeover, Dr Oppenheimer assists Central Florida women with getting their bodies back.

Oppenheimer Plastic Surgery
Orlando Location: 407.851.3888
MetroWest Location: 407.800.0101

It’s Time to Start the Conversation…

Dr. Oppenheimer is the only board-certified plastic surgeon in Orlando to focus a significant portion of his practice on labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation.

“Although this is a sensitive issue, this area of cosmetic medicine is one of the fastest growing, particularly with recognition of these specific issues that have troubled women for years,” Dr. Oppenheimer says.


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