Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Colonoscopy


You’ve heard it before: Having a colonoscopy is important.

Colon cancer is the No. 3 cause of cancer deaths in men and women, but just the thought of a colonoscopy makes you cringe. Studies show this is especially true in men who are much less likely to get screened than their female counterparts.

It’s important to note that colon cancer is preventable with a routine colonoscopy. This is because a gastroenterologist can remove polyps, which are growths within the large intestine that could become cancerous, during the screening.

Even when colon cancer is diagnosed, it is very treatable, more so if caught in its early stages. But don’t take that risk! If you are age 50 or older (age 45 for African-Americans) or younger than age 50 with a family history of colon cancer or polyps, now is the time to schedule a colonoscopy.

At South Lake Gastroenterology, a range of services are available to patients across four Central Florida locations. In addition to colonoscopies, providers specialize in all areas of digestive health, including upper and lower GI problems as well as liver, pancreas and hemorrhoid issues. The practice’s approach is always to make you feel comfortable and cared for throughout your journey to better heath. The highly trained physicians and clinical staff are here to support you as they strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Your health and quality of life is too important to wait. For more information and to schedule your routine colonoscopy, visit www.SLGDocs.com.


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