The Big Six: Self-Care for Every Aspect of Your Life

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Sometimes we forget to take a breath and put ourselves first. Between our jobs and responsibilities, it is not always easy to find the time to reflect and do things to benefit ourselves. Many healthcare centers note that there are 6 types of self-care you can practice at home.

Physical Self-Care

We all hear that taking a walk is beneficial if feeling overwhelmed. As cliche as it may sound, fresh air is good for the mind. You can go to one of the nature trails in Central Florida, walk around your neighborhood, or go swimming. Bring some friends or by yourself to have time to reflect.  

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A walk at sunset may be a great way to practice self-care.


As human beings, we need to socialize. We have gotten used to working at home via zoom and isolating ourselves in our work. It is always good to try to make plans with your loved ones to get out of the house and into a new environment. While it may seem like a temporary distraction, grabbing lunch with someone or finding an activity may be just what you need. 


The organizational part of self-care may get someone when trying to get life together. It can be hard to sort through all the chaos of bills in a world of inflation, messy rooms, and an overflowing schedule. Organizing bills and a budget in a planner may make things fall into place. Taking time to spring clean can also keep your mind and home clean and at ease. 

Mental Self-Care

Keeping yourself mentally busy can allow you to stay away from those negative thoughts. Mental self-care can be tricky. While you do not want to cope by ignoring your mental state, you do not want to drown in it. You can do things like going somewhere fun with friends, reading a book, or allowing yourself to binge-watch a little TV. This can let you debrief from the stress and allow a cool-down period to figure out the next step.


Turning to something more than you may make you feel calmer. Whether it is going to a place of worship or meditation, being spiritual can help one find inner peace. If you find comfort in religion, reading a religious text or praying may be brought into your routine.

Yoga is another popular way to find peace, with aerial yoga combining art and relaxation for anyone who wants to explore a peaceful yet fun new exercise. Many crystals are also used to gain a sense of spirituality and bring comfort, as well as burning incense to create a calm environment. 

Emotional Self-Care

This is where someone may struggle most in the aspect of self-care. It is a big step in addressing your emotional state head-on and deciding how to move forward. It is recommended to get one-on-one help. If therapy is not for you or not accessible, devoting time to a hobby may help. For instance, writing, playing an instrument, painting, or exercising may make you feel at ease.

While the little pleasures in life may not significantly affect your mental health, it’s always good to do things that make you happy and keep your life organized. Finding time to do these little things for yourself can be difficult, but we must start somewhere. 


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Written by Ellie Nas

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