Part 2: Take Back Your Health

Part two of an in-depth, three-part series on refocusing, recommitting and taking care of YOUR HEALTH. Mind. Spirit.

Technology As a Health Tool

These six apps will help you stay healthy and well all year long.

Staying consistent with eating a healthy diet, working out and limiting stress can be tough, especially with so much going on in the world. But it’s important for your health and well-being. Technology can be a handy tool when you just don’t know where to start or when you need to be held accountable for your health goals. These six apps can help. 

Apps for Your Diet


Trifecta is your one-stop shop for fitness, nutrition and tracking. With over 750 workouts and a food database with more than 6 million food items, you will have everything you need to stay fit and take care of your health. 

Available for free on iOS or Android


Consider this app your “diet toolbox,” complete with the ability to scan a product bar code and view a personalized nutrition grade. Additionally, tracking your diet and exercise through Fooducate keeps you updated on your progress as you work to achieve your health goals. 

Available on iOS and Android devices, Free basic version with in-app purchases for additional features

Apps for Your Workouts

High Intensity HIIT Workouts 

For those on the go, this app offers short and effective workouts that will make you sweat anywhere or anytime. Raise your heart rate as you work toward improving your health.

Available for free on iOS


Nutrition-based features help you understand your eating habits with a food diary, allow you to scan barcodes for nutrition information and tracks your calories as you work toward your goals. MyFitnessPal can be linked with any other apps that you use to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Available on iOS and Android devices, Free

Apps to Calm Your Mind

Ten Percent Happier 

This app offers a clear and simple approach to guided meditation. Stress less, feel happier and find your Zen with the help of Ten Percent Happier. 

Available on iOS or Android for $4.99

Organize Your Thoughts with Calm

This meditation, sleep and relaxation app helps users through audio content that addresses stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Through daily 10-minute meditations as well as sleep stories (bedtime stories for adults), sleep music, meditation lessons, nature sounds and more, Calm provides an avenue to strengthen mental fitness so you can be your best each day. 

Available on iOS and Android devices, Free basic version and $59.99 annual premium subscription

Solutions for a Pain-Free Life

Through a variety of regenerative medicine treatments, Phoenix Integrated Medical Center helps patients get back to their life. 


n the blink of an eye, one experience can make a lasting impression on your life. 

Several years ago, Steve Gunter was riding his bike when he was hit with a pole that was extending from the back of a truck. Its impact knocked him about 20 feet off his bike, causing injury to his shoulder and neck. He immediately went to see Dr. Troy Yeomans, who put him on a treatment plan that combined chiropractic care with non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. This therapy gently stretches the spine to relieve pressure on the affected spinal discs. Gunter visited Phoenix Integrated Medical Center several times a week initially before shifting to weekly treatments as he progressed. 

“He is, without question, the very best chiropractor I’ve had,” Gunter says. “He diagnoses thoroughly and has the right touch. He fixed me so well I don’t even need to go back.” 

Dr. Yeomans has spent years researching other integrative methods that help patients who have experienced an injury or pain that comes with aging. Ruth Campbell travels from Clermont for viscosupplementation on her knee. She remembers feeling immediate relief after the first treatment. 

“It gives me the opportunity to walk more, and I feel good with it,” Campbell says. “Dr. Yeomans is just a fine doctor.” 

She continues to receive the treatment on an as-needed basis, usually with several years in between. During the viscosupplementation procedure, hyaluronate is injected into the knee to stimulate the cells so they create better lubrication fluid to cushion the joint. 

Dr. Yeomans believes pain isn’t something that you have to experience on a daily basis. Visit to schedule an appointment and get back to a pain-free life.

Meet Dr. Troy Yeomans

As a Winter Park native, Dr. Troy Yeomans is committed to the wellness of his patients and his community. The Edgewater High School alum’s interest in sports followed him through college and into adulthood, and like many other athletes, he experienced an unexpected injury.

During a game of softball, the familiar motion of picking up a ground ball caused a herniated disc in his back. He traveled to a doctor who worked with him on a treatment plan that included spinal decompression therapy and class IV laser therapy, a plan that he credits with completely healing him without surgical intervention.

“I knew, at that point, that I needed to be able to treat my patients the way that I would treat myself,” Dr. Yeomans says.

He has been practicing in Central Florida for 20 years. He started Phoenix Integrated Medical Center as a metaphor for his life, rebirth in his practice and a symbol for how he wants his patients to feel. He believes that nobody should live in pain and everybody should take their health very seriously. To learn more about solutions without surgery, call 407-637-8300 to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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