How The YMCA Helps Parents Maintain Balance In Their Life

Balancing Responsibilities and Health

In a world where parents constantly move, setting aside time to maintain our health as we prioritize our families’ needs is challenging. This reality can lead to burnout, so setting a positive example for our children is essential. Balancing the roles of a husband, father, and professional leaves me with limited time, making it challenging to prioritize my health. 

When we find the time to work out, it creates an outlet for stress and serves as some much-needed me-time. The YMCA of Central Florida is here for parents who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and need time to themselves. 

Resources for Parents

The YMCA cares deeply about families and wants to ensure parents have the resources to have time to themselves as they work out. With a Y membership, parents have access to two hours of free childcare through our Child Development Center, where children ages six weeks to 12 years old can socialize, learn, and play among their peers under the supervision of trained Y staff. This membership allows parents and children to receive the care and attention they deserve, regardless of busy schedules. 


Using Sports to Nurture Life Skills

Parents can also fit in time to work out as their children participate in our youth sports program. With various sports, from basketball and volleyball to flag football and esports, we encourage over 9,903 children aged 3-17 in Central Florida to develop a healthy body and mind. 

Playing sports also helps kids nurture essential life skills. At the Y, we help children strengthen teamwork, self-discipline, confidence, leadership, and resilience to grow into successful adults in all aspects of their lives.


Growing and Thriving with YMCA

The YMCA of Central Florida is a local nonprofit focused on strengthening our community’s wellness by providing the resources necessary to grow and thrive. We know life can get busy, but it’s important to remember that healthy habits are vital to parents and children. It’s amazing what a couple of hours a week can do for parents who need to decompress from work or children who need to burn off extra energy after school. 

When we care for ourselves, our community becomes infinitely stronger, which is imperative to our mission. The Y is more than just a fitness center; we are a community partner committed to building a brighter future for all.


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