Unique Workouts

Are you tired of trekking to the gym every day or running around your neighborhood to get a workout in? Try one of these unique local experiences to work your muscles while having fun.

Workout your core, your glutes and your inner thighs with instructor Glynn Owens at Orlando Ballet School, located in the Dellagio Town Center. Classes include basic and intro ballet for people who have very little or no formal training, advanced beginner to intermediate for those who are familiar with ballet terminology but have been on a long hiatus, and advanced ballet classes for former professional dancers. Owens says ideally, you should try to make it to class three days a week but that two days are practical for adults who are juggling other responsibilities. The biggest requirement, Owens notes, is having proper ballet shoes.

Try your hand at fencing with the Orlando Fencing Club in College Park. Maestro Jim Burcham teaches lessons in foil, epee, saber and dagger fencing. This sport not only works out your body but it also works out the mind and the reflexes. The club allows attendees to borrow protective gear and foils if they don’t have any on hand.

Get fit with an aerial fitness class at Orlando Aerial Arts. This type of exercise is meant for all body types and fitness levels, and instructors at the studio will work with you at your current fitness level to help you gain core strength, flexibility and stamina. It is recommended that you wear clothing that covers the backs of your knees and underarms like a shirt that can be tucked in and long, stretchy pants of footless tights.


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