Planning for Health

This month’s issue contains several articles related to health and wellbeing. Here we
bring you advice from our regional medical partners on the importance of planning
for good health.

We propose that most of us have a goal to live long and healthy lives. But, like all
goals, the only way to get there is by planning. Your healthy plan should include
attaining three sub-goals; health focused diet, improved physical fitness/mental
health, along with programmed medical check-ups and care. These next three
recommendations are from your local experts.

As you read on, we advise you to consult your care team before making any drastic
changes to your diet or routine.

DIET- “The best diet is one that works for you,” according to Orlando Health
registered dietitian and clinical nutrition manager Lauren Popeck. “It has to fit into
your personal eating style, lifestyle, family situation, and work schedule. The key to
a successful diet is to create a plan that works to change your habits in time, not all
at once.” Popeck also advises, “Start with your normal meal/snack routine and
identify areas that need improving. Tackle one item at a time…designing your own
plan is a better option for long term victory compared to a prescribed plan.”

PHYSICAL FITNESS/MENTAL HEALTH-Exercise gives you energy, helps you
maintain a healthy weight and may even help you live longer.” states Matthew
Marse, Medical Wellness Manager for AdventHealth Sports Med & Rehab. Marse
continues, “…exercise doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym if this is not your
preference. Find ways to be active that you find enjoyable, rewarding and
achievable — whether it’s joining an online exercise community or taking long
walks on the beach. That way, activity will be something you want to do rather than
something you have to do,” Marse concluded.

PLANING CHECK-UPS AND CARE- From UCF Lake Nona Medical Center’s Dr.
Christopher Cooper, Chairman, Dept. of Medicine, “The best way to avoid
hospitalizations is having regular follow up with your primary care physician and
subspecialists. Like Benjamin Franklin said, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Copper continued, “For healthy individuals, annual physical exams
may be sufficient. For others with chronic diseases, visits may need to be as frequent
as monthly.”

Of course, these recommendations are not all inclusive and we encourage you to
contact our local experts for more detailed information and how to get your plan
started. Your local providers linked with your local chamber are found on the
chamber website member directory.

The Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce is a membership not-for-profit
organization with offices located in Lake Nona at 6555 Sanger Rd, Orlando, FL 32827.

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