How to Rock Your Fitness Resolutions

It seems that everybody has a renewed interest in healthy living each January. However, realistically, most people stick with it less than 30 days before giving up. If you really want to rock your resolutions this year, I have two words for you: accountability and repetition.

There’s a reason fitness tracking devices have experienced so much success. They keep you accountable and only cost you a few bucks. Most people hate to waste money, and wearing one will encourage loved ones to ask how you’re doing with it.

As for the repetition part, try the weekday workout. Each day has an easy-to-remember theme. Once you’ve done it a few times, you can put your own spin on it.

  • Move it Monday. Starting the week off on the right foot is easy when you ease into Monday with some simple stretching and easy exercises like lunges and toe touches.
  • Try it Tuesday. This is all about outdoing yourself. Try to beat your personal best each week at wall squats and planks.
  • Wild Wednesday.Time to get moving to some music with wild and crazy aerobic exercises like mountain climbers, burpees and high knees.
  • Thankful Thursday. Take a minute to reflect on how much you have accomplished already this week. Slower-paced Hatha Yoga poses, such as tree pose and downward facing dog, will challenge your balance and give your brain some much needed downtime.
  • Fast-Paced Friday. Finish strong with fast-paced exercises like jumping jacks, sit ups and pushups. See how many you can do in 30 seconds. Each week you will see yourself getting faster and achieving more.

Each 10-minute workout will keep you moving toward your 2019 goals without putting too much pressure on yourself or taking up a lot of your time.

Once you’ve mastered the week-day workout, challenge yourself to do more. Mix it up by including your own moves or add in workplace workouts to take it to the next level.

Stop overusing technology at the office and start moving. Instead of a text or email, walk down the hall and have a conversation in person. Park at the back of the lot when you arrive, adding some extra steps to your day.

Work from home? Not a problem. Take 10-minute breaks every 75 minutes. Get the mail, walk your dog, get a bottle of water or take out the trash. You can be productive and keep moving, which will keep you healthier and happier in the long run.

Setting goals each January is a time-honored tradition that I, as a fitness professional, enjoy. There’s nothing quite like setting a goal in January and achieving it each June. Take this new year as a chance to change yourself for the better. Set the bar high enough that it takes you time to achieve your goal but not so lofty that it’s nearly impossible to reach. With some accountability and repetition you can and will rock your resolution.

About the Author

Damien Priester is a certified fitness coach and owner of House of Sweat. He works with people of all ages and fitness levels to help them achieve their goals. As a speaker, trainer, instructor and healthy living expert, he has been featured at hundreds of conventions, expos, classes and corporate events.


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