Central Florida Medical Guide: Dr. Marissa Magsino

“Keep calm, balance hormones and bring sexy back.” That is Dr. Marissa Magsino’s motto when it comes to practicing regenerative medicine.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Magsino has worked on treating diseases and a wide array of medical conditions. Her own onset premenopausal symptoms led her to search for ways to naturally replace her own hormones and help others with similar issues.

After pursuing a fellowship in functional and regenerative medicine centered on bio-identical hormone management, she developed BUMATAKO, an aging reversal technique for both men and women. The name means “I’m young again” in Filipino terms.

Her specialty in functional and regenerative medicine has allowed her to invigorate not only her own life, but the lives of others. Dr. Magsino is one of the few physicians in the nation trained to perform PRP procedures for facial, vaginal and penile rejuvenation.

She received her medical degree from the University of the East (Philippines) before continuing her training at Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Then, in 1997, she came down to Orlando to work as a primary care internist and in pediatrics.

Dr. Magsino’s Philosophy

Her current practice’s priority is to help patients find a new sense of vitality and spirit through bioidentical hormone pellet therapy, Reiki therapy, the Time Machine Procedure™, nutrition and weight loss, and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments for the face and joints. She was recently recognized in the Top 100 Global Influential Asian Women as an innovator in medicine and thought leader.

In her spare time, Dr. Magsino enjoys dancing, meditating, practicing Reiki and traveling. Instead of being inspired by mentors or people around her, she prefers to follow her own destiny.

There has been a growing desire in patients to find alternatives to synthetic hormones that can also act as carcinogens, so Dr. Magsino assists them with their needs by implementing and offering natural medicines. When she works with the body to help reduce signs of aging through natural remedies, not against it by introducing harmful products, the signs of success are higher.

Dr. Magsino is currently accepting new patients at her Dr. Phillips office.

About Marissa Magsino MDPA

Rediscover your body’s natural youth and vitality. Dr. Marissa Magsino specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement, weight loss and revitalization treatments for men and women at her Dr. Phillips practice.

Marissa Magsino, MD, FAARM
7450 Dr. Phillips Blvd, Ste. 204
Orlando, FL 32819

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