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Building Families One Healthy Baby at a Time

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida helps couples fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.

Creating a family is a dream that many men and women have, but it’s a dream that isn’t always easily achieved. In fact, one in eight people across the country struggle with infertility. 

Here in Central Florida, couples who are dealing with infertility turn to Dr. George Patounakis at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida in Lake Mary. As a father of two girls, he understands that both mind and body are important in the emotional journey to becoming a parent, especially when infertility plays a role — and he’s here to help. 

“We’re truly committed to helping our patients build their family one healthy baby at a time,” Dr. Patounakis says. “We also work with families of all types to help them fulfill their dreams of parenthood.”

How it Works

RMA Florida is part of the RMA Network, a national group of fertility clinics that have been at the forefront of research, innovation and patient-focused fertility treatments for two decades. Providing comprehensive, patient-centered care focused on the latest technology and science, RMA has helped bring over 40,000 babies to loving families across the country and around the world. An undisputed leader in fertility research, the RMA Network’s goal is to help patients reach success on their fertility journey.

RMA Florida thrives on a philosophy of care that incorporates the latest technology, scientific research and breakthroughs with compassionate care to provide patients with the most positive experience possible. Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan geared toward the best possible chance of starting their family.

To make fertility care a little more structured and give patients financial peace of mind, RMA Florida has a program called CareShare, which offers patients six In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycles for a single package price. If patients are not successful after those six cycles, they get their money back, allowing them to pursue alternative family-building means if desired.

“We feel so strongly about helping people build their families that we have a shared risk program that takes out the financial risk of going through treatment,” Dr. Patounakis says. “We are able to offer this program because we are confident in our care.”

A Circle of Support 

Along with his staff, Dr. Patounakis understands there is not one single answer to every infertility case, so patients can expect an unparalleled personal degree of attention and care throughout their treatment. Dr. Patounakis stays with patients throughout their journey — from first visit, to every ultrasound, to discharge. He is his patients’ biggest advocate, and, along with his kind and caring staff, provides a full range of emotional support. 

“One of the deterrents to being successful is that people get emotionally burnt out,” Dr. Patounakis says. “A large part of my job and the job of my staff is to make sure that we provide emotional support to give patients the energy and hope to keep moving forward.”

“That’s how the science is going to work.” 

Dr. Patounakis and his team work together with patients, both medically and emotionally, to make their dreams a reality. 


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