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Barbara Beck is the host of a one-hour talk show called “Welcome Home” that airs on Good Life Broadcasting. She found that she was being asked if she was mad, sad or tired all too often simply because of her appearance. So last March, she went to the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery to see what could be done.

During her initial appointment with Dr. Bassin, he suggested LazerLift to tighten the lower face and neck and a lower eyelid blepharoplasty to eliminate the bags beneath her eyes. When the day came for her LazerLift procedure, she felt completely comfortable in Dr. Bassin’s hands. “He was good about walking you through it, talking you through it, and making sure his nurses helped all the way through,” Beck says. “He made me feel confident that everything was going to go well.”

Will LazerLift Work for Me?
While scores of people from all walks of life and different skin tones are able to benefit from this youth-restoring technique, Dr. Bassin says those coming to him often fall into one of three categories:

    • 1. Those just beginning to see the signs of aging.
    • 2. Those who don’t want the risks of traditional facelift surgery such as being put under general anesthesia, being cut with a scalpel, or having to have stitches, both of which often lead to scarring.
    • 3. Those who want to retighten their skin after a years-old traditional face lift.

Once Beck researched LazerLift, the decision was easy. “Just like you put on makeup and lipstick in the morning, you want to look your best for the viewers,” she says, though she does recommend that anyone who is contemplating the procedure should assess where they are and determine exactly why he or she is doing it. “It is such a personal decision that everyone has to make. From my perspective it was something to help with that persona and that look.”

The added benefit of LazerLift is that it aids in the formation of collagen, producing noticeable improvement to the tone, texture, and firmness of skin even months after the procedure. Of course, life-changing results are seen within the first week. “My patients say they get compliments almost immediately,” Dr. Bassin says. “And the best part is you can drive yourself home right after. There is little discomfort, no powerful drugs needed afterwards and minimal downtime.”

Beck was back on air within one week.

How Does LazerLift Work?
Using revolutionary laser applications to tighten and rejuvenate the lower face and neck, LazerLift offers the results you’re after without the high costs, risks and extended downtime of a traditional facelift.

Aging happens both at the surface of the skin as well as within the underlying supporting tissues of the face, known as the superficial muscular aponeurotic system or SMAS layer. Until now, the only way to adequately lift and tighten the lower face and neck was through invasive surgery, which required cutting, anesthesia and stitches. LazerLift offers a better way to reach the same results.

During LazerLift, a pen-sized hole is made and a powerful precision laser is used to safely and effectively heat the dermis and SMAS, promoting tissue coagulation, structural lifting and skin tightening without harming the surrounding tissue. LazerLift’s ThermaGuide™ system ensures the highest level of safety. ThermaGuide™ provides real-time temperature feedback while the doctor is actually performing the procedure to avoid the risk of overheating skin and deep tissue.

“Because of the high safety factor, the amazing results and patient convenience and comfort, I see LazerLift as a major revolutionary breakthrough in plastic surgery,” Dr. Bassin says.

Look and Feel Younger
While Beck underwent LazerLift at the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery, she chose to have a lower eyelid blepharoplasty to correct the bags that had formed beneath her eyes at the same time. During this procedure, Dr. Bassin removed the fat pads in her lower eyelids that, along with excess skin in this region, caused her to appear tired.

The success stories of Beck and many other patients of the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery are proof that Dr. Bassin is an expert when it comes to enhancing your appearance and aging beautifully. He is a well-known physician not just in Florida but also throughout the nation. Dr. Bassin has been featured on numerous TV programs and provides expert demonstrations and information on the age-defying procedures he has introduced, trademarked and perfected. In fact, his facilities have been national training centers for other physicians to learn how to perform SmartLipo, Body-Jet and DOT laser procedures. He has been also featured twice on Dr. Oz, where he performed a live demonstration of his trademarked procedures AquaLipo and NaturalFill.

With four locations throughout Central Florida, The Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery has all of the tools to make you look and feel younger.

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The Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery
422 South Alafaya Trail, Suite 32
Orlando, FL 32828

By the time I went in for the procedure, I felt prepared emotionally and physically. The day of the procedure I was in and out within an hour. I could walk in and walk out although I had my husband drive. The experience was very pleasant – I went home, rested, and even though I had a prescription for painkillers, I didn’t need to take them. Dr. Bassin was wonderful. I recommend him wholeheartedly.
-Barbara Beck, LazerLift patient


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