5 Mindfulness Practices to Try Today


Mindfulness is easy to put into practice. You don’t even need to set aside a specific time to carry it out – just slip it into your daily routine.

When you’re mindful, you don’t think about future challenges or go over concerns about the past. Instead, you attend to the present moment. Your mind enjoys a break from pressure, and accumulated stress fades as you relax. Afterward, you enjoy improved mental well-being and a refreshed mind.

Here are five ways to be mindful of yourself and your actions to boost your mental health.


Sometimes, stress builds as you wash the dishes, take the dog out or travel to work. You pay attention to worries while carrying out everyday chores. Focus on the task at hand, though, and your anxiety will stop.
Feel the soapy water on your skin as you clean the plates after a meal or focus on your surroundings as you exercise the dog. Notice the breeze on your face. Look at nature. Hone your attention on details and your mental health will improve.


People are rarely 100% aware of their physical actions. They recognize when it’s painful to move if they have an injury, but they pay little attention to times when it’s easy to walk.

Strolling is pleasurable if you concentrate on physical actions. Feel your limbs move. Notice what it’s like to place one foot in front of the other, tip your weight forward and rest on your heels.


Feel oxygen flood your nasal passages and travel to your lungs as you take deep breaths. Not only is this a mindful exercise, but it also calms your autonomic nervous system. Your body gets the message to increase calmness and your system rebalances.

Carry out this mindful practice at your desk as you work, while you watch TV as you prepare to go to sleep. Deep breathing helps relieve stress in the moment, so use it when you’re under pressure to improve well-being.


Listen to everyday sounds like laughter and the wind as it rustles leaves in the trees. Note distant sounds compared to those close by and the noises between them. Also, pay conscious attention to music. Pick out specific instruments or pay attention to vocals more than usual.


Eating is another activity people engage in without thought. Focus on what it’s like to chew your food. Revel in flavors and textures, and enjoy the experience of eating. Keep a food journal of the snacks and meals you eat daily, noting your experience and the after-effects. You will soon realize how specific foods influence your well-being. Then you have the power to make smart choices about what you consume.

Stay focused and engaged during everyday tasks as well as when you walk, breathe, listen and eat. Not only will you become more mindful, but you will also come to understand how these activities affect your wellness.


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Written by Bridget Webber

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