5 Great Books That Can Boost Your Overall Health

Looking towards books can lead someone to discover ways to help their mind, body, or self. Here is a list of books geared toward various topics that can give you the means to better your wellness.

For Women Looking for Personalized Ways to Help Their Body

“Fast Like a Girl: A Woman’s Guide to Using the Healing Power of Fasting to Burn Fat, Boost Energy, and Balance Hormones” by Dr. Mindy Pelz | $24.99 at Barnes and Noble

Dr. Pelz’s book “Fast Like a Girl” examines intermittent fasting as a tool for women’s help. Released in December of 2022, the book offers a 30-day fasting reset schedule and 50 recipes to break the fast. Pelz’s book looks at fasting from an individualistic approach. She touches on different forms of fasting, including fasting centralized by a woman’s monthly cycle. According to Barnes and Noble’s website overview, Pelz’s book offers “tools she has used to help hundreds of thousands of women thrive with their fasting lifestyles.” 

For Women Who Want to Read on Mental Health

“Speak Up Against Stigma: Her Mental Health Journey” by Kristy Towson | $19.99 at Barnes and Noble

Towson’s book tells the story of 12 women coming forward about their mental health and their struggles. Published in May of 2023, this anthology aims to eliminate the stigma around mental illnesses and raise awareness for those struggling in silence. According to Goodreads, Towson’s book is “a call to action that will leave readers feeling empowered and ready to make a difference.” 

For Women Who Want to Exercise With the Environment in Mind

“Becoming a Sustainable Runner: A Guide to Running for Life, Community, and Planet” by Tina Muir and Zoë Rom | $27.95 at Barnes and Noble  

According to their website, the authors call “Becoming a Sustainable Runner” “a practical guide for runners of all abilities and backgrounds who want to take meaningful action to protect our planet through their love of the sport.” Published in August of 2023, Muir and Rom merge concepts of health and sustainability to create a way for runners to grow in their sport while remaining conscious of the earth around them.  

For Women Looking for an Interesting Way to Learn About The Body 

“The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book: A Visual Guide to Form, Function, and Movement” By Kelly Soloway, Illustrated by Samantha Stutzman | $19.95 at Barnes and Noble

“The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book” is the perfect way to connect the movement to the muscle or bone for those wanting to see what part of the body they are exercising visually. Solloway’s book aims to help readers learn in-depth about yoga in correlation to human anatomy by engaging them with opportunities to color in detailed illustrations of yoga poses that feature different joints and muscles. As a bonus, the book also includes 32 flashcards that readers can remove from the book to take with them wherever they go.

For Women Who Want to Prioritize Self Care 

“Make Yourself A #1 Priority: Self Care Workbook” by Semone Ugbomah | $24.00 at Barnes and Noble

Ugbomah’s book “Make Yourself A #1 Priority” can help readers develop a routine of putting themselves first. The book includes sections where you can fill out your needs, so the self-care plan has a personalized touch. With this customized experience, readers can gain an insight into their wants and needs. 

Remember, books can work wonders for one’s health. Start reading today!

Written by Alexa Fuentes

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