Orlando Dominates OpenTable’s Top 100 Restaurants

Local food aficionados will be delighted to hear that three of Orlando’s very own restaurants Bites & Bubbles, Orlando’s Eddie V’s, and The Boathouse were featured in OpenTable’s Top 100 Restaurants list. Why is this a big deal? Well, according to the folks at OpenTable, the reviews of over 10.5 million verified OpenTable foodies across America are analyzed to determine the list.

First up is Bites & Bubbles the restaurant, which features a fine selection of luxurious wines and gourmet cheeses, cemented its place on the Top100 list. OpenTable designated this restaurant as “Best Outdoor Dining” in Orlando, thanks to its stunning visuals. With a menu that changes daily and a rustic atmosphere complete with a romantic rooftop terrace, it’s easy to see why – Bites & Bubbles looks like it was plucked right out of the French countryside. As for Bites & Bubbles’ food identity, the owners describe the restaurant as an “American Restaurant with a French Kiss!” in reference to the French-American fusion filling the menu. One can expect to find the classic American staple dish of steak and potatoes elevated to steak frites (that’s steak and fries) or the standard hamburger transformed into a duck fat burger with muenster cheese. 

Next comes Eddie V’s, the pinnacle of seafood, which descended like a wave onto Orlando. Eddie V’s earned the title of “Best Overall” in Orlando / Central Florida East. Mixing fine dining and live jazz, Eddie V’s and their several nationwide locations offer fresh seafood and steak in a stylish and sleek setting. Alongside the massive collection of fresh catches, Eddie V’s grants seafood lovers the opportunity to turn their own kitchens into an oasis by offering to buy raw fish and steak selections, as well as EddieV’s very own Black Tie seasoning blend to make their own mouth watering surf and turf. This dining experience alone solidifies Eddie V’s place on the Top 100 list, with factors such as romantic atmosphere, being a good place for anniversaries and special occasions, and delicious sea bass being emphasized by OpenTable.

Last but not least, The Boathouse, the beloved eatery in Disney Springs overlooking Lake Buena Vista made OpenTable’s Top 100 list as the “Best Scenic View” in Orlando / Central Florida East. Having collected accolades in the past such as earning the title of #1 Restaurant at Disney by USA Today, it comes as no surprise that The Boathouse is recognized for either its robust seafood menu or gorgeous waterfront visuals. One half of The Boathouse’s charm is its extensive menu filled with everything from fish to shrimp to oysters, and the second half is the sheer pleasure of dining outdoors right on a lake. The gorgeous scenery is taken full advantage of as The Boathouse offers a Captain-guided tour on one of their restored Amphicars or guests can climb aboard The Venezia the 40-foot Italian Water Taxi.


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